Wednesday, November 11, 2009


About a month ago, I was diagnosed with a sinus infection, strep throat and bronchitis (the second time in four months mind you). So, after being prescribed a Z-pack (one of the greatest inventions in the modern era!) I started feeling better and was on the move once again. One week to the day after the diagnosis, I started feeling a little punky yet again. I ignored the tickley cough and general feeling of tiredness for a few days. The cough turned into a little more than a tickle, but I continued to ignore the worsening symptoms. Finally, on a Friday night when I couldn't sleep because of the nasty cough and wheezing that the hubs could hear across the room (he is suppose to wear a hearing aid because of his bad hearing and he wasn't wearing it at the time) he demanded that I go to the clinic. I wanted to wait until Monday when I could go in to see my doctor and the stubborn in me did exactly that.

So when the doctor listened to my lungs he said "ewww, that doesn't sound good at all". I asked if the bronchitis returned and he told me that it wasn't bronchitis but pneumonia. Because I just came off the nasties ten days before, he prescribed a two week round of two monster antibiotics, steroids and a strong cough med. It didn't take long before I was feeling better. Besides the constant feeling of tiredness, I wasn't coughing much and able to do things around the house. Not much, just a little here and a little there. By Sunday I had finished almost all the steroid and because the weather was so beautiful, went outside with the boys to put my flower beds to sleep. About an hour after cutting and pruning my stomach began to churn, hmmmm I thought, I will get the remainder of this done and go in to rest a bit. The tummy ache (looking for different word to describe it) didn't subside and continues to hurt today.

Monday, an old friend of ours (Steve, if you are reading this, I am not calling you old, just calling our friendship of many years old, wink, wink) came by to pick up a bag of clothes that Lance no longer needed, to give to the homeless men he and his family minister to every Saturday morning. Anyway I digress. Steve had noticed my post on facebook about my having pneumonia and proceeded to tell us that I should be resting. I assured him I was, but didn't divulge my cleaning out the perennials beds on Sunday and doing a little here and a little there around the house each day. He began to inform us that pneumonia is a sneaky killer. His doctor told him when he was down with it, that too many people start feel a little better and begin to do things and that is when the bottom falls out. Jim Hensen ignored the rest component of his remedy and even though he was taking antibiotics, he continued to work and that's when he died.

Okay, so God used Steve to slap me upside the head. I get the picture, I need to rest. Besides if the Jim Hensen story didn't work, the upset stomach from the antibiotics is keeping me down. I finally figured out that the steroids were helping my stomach tolerate the meds for the first week. Now I have to eat, take one tablet, then wait a while and eat, take the other tablet, all day long. I have to take these crazy pills seven times a day. And to try to eat when your stomach doesn't feel great, let alone seven times a day. Ughhh...

Thank you God for using Steve and what ever else you have to to get me back up on my feet.

Pneumonia isn't fun and it sure doesn't help fodder the imagination for blogging. I'll be back soon.