Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I love Take II

I couldn't help writing down a few other things that make me happy.

The Farmers' Market ( soon to close down because of the cold weather)  :-(

Creating with friends (canning jalapeno jelly today!!!)

Cleaning windows (well, actually I hate cleaning windows, but love the look of freshly cleaned windows, so I guess I love clean windows, not cleaning windows)

The return of Red Wings hockey

Dark Chocolate (when I heard it was good for you, it gave me license to eat it a little more often, okay, okay, a lot more often)

Taking time to spend a few minutes on the computer

Our small group (love those people!)

Watching God do amazing things!!

PIZZA!!!  (I really do limit myself to very little, but I love, love, love it!)

Okay, enough for now, I am so grateful for the little things...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things I love

I thought I would make a list of the things I love at the moment...'cause it changes day by day. 

Cool weather (with these nasty hot flashes, the cool days and nights feel wonderful!)

Shopping with Lance today (he had to get two more green shirts, let's see, I think that makes six now)

Hubs home early from work stealing some well deserved zzzzzzzz's

My books (yes, I have mentioned this from time to time) :-)

Working out (can you believe that I actually love working out???? I can't either!)

Talking to my daughter about my grandson (soon to be delivered and I can't wait...well...yes I can because I want him to healthy and perfect in everyway)

My job

The things I can buy at my job (just in case you don't know, I work at Sur La Table...)

More things I can buy at my job (Ya Baby!!!)


Bible reading

Worship music

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat

Playing cards and giggling with Brig (okay, not giggling, laughing until hurts, which isn't very pretty with the wheezing and snorting and crying and squealing and then having to explain what was so funny to the hubs who didn't find it funny...humpff)


Cooking with all the new things I have purchased at work (unfortunately I tend to buy too much)

This is always fun to write down the things that make me happy.  I love my life!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Remembering Summer Again

As I was walking outside taking pictures of the lingering summer flowers, I started reminiscing about the wonderful summer we had this year.  The Tiger game, San Diego with Angela, Lisa, Emma and Lily's visit, "Up North" in Caseville, Rhonda's family here for Crystal's was great.

Lance, Emma and Lily
in Caseville, MI

Lance's Special Needs class
at the Detroit Tigers game.

Lance making pizza wearing the
apron and hat from Angela and David.

Petting farm in Caseville

Seals basking in the sun at La Jolla beach

Angela at 27 weeks

Rhonda, Jim and Crystal at Stony Creek

It truly was a memory making summer, now I am looking forward to a memory making autumn.  

Friday, October 15, 2010

Front Lines

I pretend I would be this incredible missionary and bring the "Good News" to people around the world world.  I pretend I would be able to live in exotic places and walk around in peaceful and beautiful surroundings sharing my "Worldly and Godly Wisdom" to those who know no better.  I am naive.

I have a dear friend,  Jami and her husband Brian, that after years of knowing and wanting to minister to missionaries and people in Africa, finally made it.  She has a blog and been sharing her journey of getting to that place.  Please take a moment or two to read her compelling latest entry.  She and her family are truly on the front lines. 

I realize that it takes very special people to missionary work and as sad as I feel, I am not one of them.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

I can't believe it!!!  It has been forever since I have blogged.  Wow, life goes on even when we aren't looking.  I am hardly on the computer except for email and an occasional look on facebook.  I never thought I would become too busy to not to use my computer, but alas, that is exactly what happened.  Between two jobs, one ending and another beginning, visiting my daughter in San Diego, having two sisters and their families come up to visit, several family members in the hospital and planning a baby shower, not to mention trying to keep up with my workouts, I haven't had a moment.  I am not complaining, no not at all! Just saying that I have missed my time blogging. 

The weather has finally cooled down today and Brig and I finished all the canning.  We made Raspberry Current jam and Apple Cranberry preserves for favors for the shower.  Yummm...  The house cleaning commences tomorrow and the decorations early in the week. In a few short months my little grandson will be here and I can't wait to hold him!

Oh...I haven't told you just how much I love my job.  :-)  I am working at Sur La Table (pronounced sur la tob) and love it.  It is a wonderful place for foodies (I like to pretend that I am a foodies).  The problem is I want to spend all my money before coming home.  Oh the things I could cook if I had the right tools in the kitchen... 

Yes, time does fly when you are having fun...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Robin Williams As The American Flag : The Coolest One

This is so much fun! Since it is the 4th of July holiday weekend, I thought I would share it. Enjoy!!

Robin Williams As The American Flag : The Coolest One

Oh, by the way, we have a new post at

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Glowing and Glistening

Did I say I loved the south?  If I remember right, I have said I love the south, many, many times.  Well today it was hot, and being a northerner once again (after moving back from living in the south) I am not used to it.  It was 95 degrees with high humidity and we wimped out.  Yes, we wimped out totally, we came home from church ate some lunch and promptly fell asleep in the air conditioning.  All four of us!  After a long summer's nap...we woke up and decided to watch a movie, Invictous if anyone wants to know (good movie by the way!).  Then ate a very late dinner, left overs from our picnic yesterday.  I needed to get a walk in, so at 9:00 p.m. we leashed up the dogs and walked for about 30 minutes. 

And that's when it started...drip, drip, drip...drip down the back...drip between the girls, drip down the forehead, drip, drip, drip...   My hair was drenched.  My shirt was wet and my arms felt clammy.  My underwear (I am still a little too heavy to call them panties yet) was sticking to me in a very uncomfortable way.  I use to say that girls glowed or glisten, well not anymore, I was sweating and I mean Sweating with a big S. Sweating like a man...  Ewwwww...

I am not going to complain about it being hot, no, I am not going to complain because before too long it will be winter once again.  But I want it noted that I will surge tomorrow on the treadmill, in the basement with the air on and I will do my strengthening exercises in front of the TV with Jillian...with the air on and close to a register which will be wide open. 

I still do love the south, but I have been away a little too long.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Life - the course of existence or sum of experiences and actions that constitute a person's existence:

Busy - Sustaining much activity

These two words and definitions define what has been going on.  Because of life and business, I have not the time to blog.  Let me catch you up to date...

I have finished the "official" biggest loser program.  Over all I have lost 32 pounds since January.  I continue to workout and eat right, as well as stay in contact with the people in the program.  I am also going to continue with the program by helping out in different capacities.

My father, father-in-law and best friend were and are very ill.  Both dads had surgery, one with a blocked bowel and the other for a gangrenous gallbladder.  My friend was diagnosed with severe IBS and thyroid cancer.  I have been taking the time to help them out/care for them/talk with doctors, nurses, specialists, etc...

I finished with the census four weeks ago only to be called back to start a new project.  I am happy for the additional income/unhappy for the time it takes away from my home and family and friends, as well as my exercise routines. 

We pulled out our micro sized lawn to put in a cottage garden.  It is beautiful, but boy did it take some time and energy to do. 

My daughter is expecting our first grandchild in December.  I am going to fly out the beginning of August to visit her.  I can't wait!!!  I am also planning a shower for her (she really doesn't want one, but what new mom could not use the blessings of needed baby things).

What a difference one year makes.  What a difference a busy life makes.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different (sort of)

Hey check out the new blog that I am sharing with Brig (my daughter).  It is about food and other healthy-type stuff!  It's called Real Food Rots.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Another weigh in last night.  I worked really hard this past week.  Zumba, kickboxing, surging and strengthening exercises.  Salads, protein and good fat.  Increased my daily calorie count and made lots of good choices. 

The result...Da ta da.......nothing.  No change, nada...

I could have been really discouraged, but surprisingly I wasn't.  Okay, another the past, I would have given up and started eating what I wanted and lay around because what does it matter anyway, I am not losing weight. 

But now I have to say that yesterday I gave myself a new challenge.  I am training for a 5k.  The Hubs, who use to run, but doesn't anymore because of knee surgery, agreed to train with me and run it as well.  Two old gimps doing this together.

We have several friends who are or have fought the good fight of breast cancer.  My mother passed away from breast cancer.  So we are going to do the Race for a Cure 5k in exactly one month.  May 23rd.  That means a lot of training between now and then.  But I am looking forward to it.  Really and truly looking forward to it.

Having a goal, a purpose is something I need to keep me going on this road to health.  I am constantly reminded about Paul's letter to the Philippians, verse 3:14  "I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heaven prize for which God, through Jesus Christ is calling us".  Yes, at this point I am taking this quite literally, but this is also the verse I am striving to accomplish each day spiritually as well.

I am changing and pressing on, will you join me?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Long Haul

My goal last week was to lose 3 lbs.  Well, sad to say, not only didn't I lose three pounds, I gained 1.  That's right, I gained a pound.  

After talking with the leaders of the BLC, I was told that it will take much longer for me to lose weight than the average person because of my thyroid issues. (I had part of it removed several years ago)  I felt very sad and discouraged to say the least.  But Dr. J assured me that by staying on the program I will lose the weight.  Right now I am getting in shape and that is proven by the inches lost. (27")  He told me his s-i-l had her thyroid removed and he worked with her for over a year and then all of a sudden she lost 30 lbs. in one month.  Her body finally kicked in and started working the way it was created to work. 

We only have seven weeks to go, but I am in this for the long haul. I may not win, but I will continue to eat clean and healthy, workout six days a week and make good choices for me and my family.  As for tonight, I am going to do my boot camp workout with the gang and be encouraged...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kicking And Screaming

Well I did it.  I took my first kickboxing class.  It was Fun with a capital F!!!  When I first arrived, I realized I was the biggest person there.  The others were thin and fit and already warming up on the spin bikes (another class I may join one day).  I nervously looked around and thought, oh boy, am I in trouble.  Within a few minutes of standing there the personal trainer came in wanted to start right in.  At that point a familiar looking person came up to me and low and behold it was a friend from years back.  We went to church together and our children were in the Children's ministry together.  She said not to worry and to take it slow and easy. 

At that point we started.  I want all of you to know that not only did I not take it slow and easy, I kept up with everyone!!  My old friend even committed about how well I did, I surprised her.  See, that just means you can't judge a book by the cover.  It was truly fun and challenging and I am looking forward to doing it again next week. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


As a part of the BLP(Biggest Loser program), there are devotions we do every week.  I wanted to post some of the highlights. 

Lose the unrealistic Expectations...gain real hope.  From the book, "What have you got to lose?" by Stephen Arterburn.
  1. I must be perfect for God to work in me.  Holding on to this kind of thinking, we tend to cover up our problems and be dishonest about our struggles because we think God is looking for perfection.
  2. I've screwed up so many times it's just too late.  It's never too late with God.  Never!!!
  3. I can do this alone.  If you can do it alone you would have done it by now.
I have to admit that I have said all of the above at one time another.  I just really need to realize that with God all things are possible.  They truly are!  Also, I need to be honest about why I let myself get to be the way I was.   Just some thoughts to ponder.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kicking It Up

I changed my blog title because of the many changes taking place in my life right now.  I want to tell you that change is an understatement.  If you read my post yesterday, you will remember me talking about the running I am doing now, that is totally not me.  I NEVER RAN, NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER....   My daughter and husband did.  My brother and sister-in-law on my side did and does.  The Hubs family, almost all of them, did and do, but NEVER EVER ME!!!!  NEVER!!!  So now I am running a bit, not a huge amount, usually with surging and boot camp style training, but it is running none the less. 

Today I went to the gym to workout.  Well, I took my new shoes, which I will not wear outside yet, with me. (Yea, the nerd in me can stand the idea of getting them dirty.)  Because of this I needed to get a locker.  I brought a lock in which to lock up my horrible shoes (the salesman's term not mine) and my pocketbook.  The lock was too big and didn't work on the locker and I couldn't bring all my junk into the workout room with me, so I had to leave.  On the way out, I picked up the new class schedule and stopped at the counter.  Guess what I did???  I signed up for two classes, Total Body Sculpt and Kickboxing!!!  Yes, that's right, I enrolled in two classes along with my regular workouts.  Another change, something else I have NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER done before.  So now, along with surging and boot camp, which I have to do six days a week, I will be sculpting (my body not clay) and kickboxing.  This will be very interesting. 

Stay tuned.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fat, Flat and Red, White and Blue

Shin splints...OUCH!!!  I have them and I don't like them.  Period...

All my bravado about working harder than ever and doing as much exercising as I can to lose three pounds this week...yea...well...that went out the window this past weekend.  I talked with the Hubs and since he is a former runner (knee surgery took care of that ridiculous behavior!) he suggested I go to the running shop and purchase a pair of good running shoes. 

I thought my nice sneakers from Wal Mart were good.  They have been doing the job of supporting (so I thought) my feet just fine.  After several weeks of doing a lot of running for my workouts, I found out they are the reason I have the dreaded shin splints.

So I head out this morning to the running store.  I walked in and I am sure the young guy at the register thought "what is this fat old lady doing in my young running store"?  He was way too kind to actually say that to my face and instead asked if he could help me.  I felt I needed to justify why I was there, why do I do that???  I began telling him about how I have lost 26 lbs. in three months and now I am running and have shin splints and need new shoes but don't know how to find a pair that would help me with the running I am now doing because I am working hard at losing weight and feeling better and did I tell you I lost 26 lbs. so far and now I am running to continue to lose more to feel healthy and make a cha...yea, it was really sad.   He was so sweet and told me to take off my horrible shoes (yes, he really did call them horrible) and walk the length of the store and back.  He then asked me to step onto this computer pad which analyzed my feet.   From that information I started trying on many different kinds of running shoes, ones that have lots of support because these fat flat feet need lots of support. (He didn't say fat flat feet, he just said flat feet, but I knew what he was thinking!!)  Finally after six pair, we found the ones that are going to make a difference for me.

These are my brand new and expensive New Balance running shoes and they feel really good on.  Look, they are red, white and blue, very patriotic.  In fact, they are made in the good ole US of A and here's proof!

So now I won't have an excuse to lay around the house anymore.  I am going to go out and begin my workout with the running because I lost 26 lbs so far and I am not going to let shin splints get in the way of running because I want to lose more weight and get healthy and feel better and.......

Friday, April 9, 2010

Plugging Along

It has been three months since starting the Biggest Loser program and I have lost 26 lbs and 25 inches.  Last night we had the workout from hell.  We ran back and forth, frontwards and backwards, as well as sideways for half an hour.  From there we went on to combination strengthening exercises for another half hour.  We do jumping jack squats into front planks into up up down downs (a variation of push ups).  We do toe touch crunches into pyramid squats into six inches (our ab work).  From there some lunges and then walk/run surges.  And once again I was dripping sweat. 

I don't know what came over me, but I am determined more than ever to lose three pounds this week.  So I am pulling out all the stops.  I did some surges today on the elliptical machine and tonight I will be doing some Jillian Michael's metabolism boost workouts.  I found out I was not eating enough to keep my metabolism high, so now I am making myself eat more.  More veggies, fruit, protein and good fats.   Tonight I am making a Kale and Chickpea soup, a soup loaded with veggies!  Update: The Kale, Chickpea Soup is amazing!  I will post this recipe soon.

Every day I will post how I am doing to try to hold myself accountable to you all.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I am changing in many ways.  There is so much happening in my life, I felt it was time to change my blog(s).  I will be combining my Heathly Dreams blog with this blog and it will be titled "Life Changes".

You will read about the changes taking place in my life spiritually, physically, emotionally, with my family, etc...   You will see some of my journal about the Biggest Loser program, as well as, my life being a mom with an adult son with disabilities.  I will post healthy recipes I find I really like and want to share.  Some exercises or tidbits about a healthy life style.  There will be some things about the midlife changes I am experiencing now that I am in my fifties.  And then again, there may be little nothings about what is currently going on. 

Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ahhh...the economy. We have been hit hard here in the Midwest. The Hubs hasn't been working his full 40 hours a week in over a year. Things have gotten very tight financially, but I can say our God has met all our needs. I don't do any extra driving or visiting and nothing has been done in the house for a very long time. Because of my new way of eating and working out we are spending more on healthy and organic food, so there usually isn't any money left at the end of the week.

Well, since the Government is doing it's ten year census, my daughter and I applied and took the test. Yesterday I was called to be an enumerator. I am not too excited about this temporary job, but it is a job and pays well. We could really use the extra money to do some necessary repairs around the house and yard. I also want to get away with my man, just the two of us, for a little vacation. It has been years since we have taken time away by ourselves.

Now, if you haven't sent in your 2010 census form, start looking for me to phone you or knock on your door. (Well it may not be me, but start looking for someone soon.)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am sitting here with the sun shinning through the window listening to the quiet. It has been a very long time since quiet permeated our home. Brigette and Lance are out and about, Kevin is sleeping because he worked the night shift last night and the dogs are basking in the beautiful warmth of the sun.


Awww...wonderful silence...

Our home has turned upside down with the start of the Biggest Loser program and the arrival of Brig and Pippin. I am constantly in the kitchen preparing healthy food, or working out, or listening and getting out of the way of dogs running and playing and barking, or spending time with Brigette as she is planning and preparing for the next phase of her life, or having staff and therapists over at different times during the week for Lance.



Listen to the quiet...

Thank you Lord...

Monday, February 15, 2010

I love the Olympics! No, really, really love the Olympics. I have been an Olympic nut for many, many years. It doesn't matter if it is the summer or the winter Olympics, just as long as it's the Olympics.

My family all know that they cannot watch TV during this time every couple of years. The nice thing is that they all have come to love them too.

So many great stories, so many magical moments take place during these two weeks. Like the Canadian mogul skier that took the gold last night. He is the very first Canadian to win gold on their own soil. Also, he has a brother with cerebral palsy and loves him so much that he said he was skiing for him. That touches me even more, because of our son who also has CP.

Brigette summed up the Olympics in a few words. "Somebody always wins" and "the national anthem always gets played whether it is our country or an other's".

So go USA and go Olympics!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Once again, I have to say I am soooo busy. I hate starting my blog this way, but I am, so there.

Brigette moved home a week ago and we have been extremely busy moving her in, trying to finish the basement where she will be living and also trying to find her a job. She did get hired in at a local Starbucks, which we are very excited about.

Oliver finally has a playmate, Pippen. Pippen is taking her time transitioning to another new environment and has been a little bit crabby and Oliver is so excited that he is not giving her the time she needs transition. Well, you can image the growls of joy and the growls of complaints going on around the house.

I have been working very hard on the BL contest and working out a lot. Also, I am spending time recording my eating, exercising and journaling. This takes quite a bit of time out of my day.

My time spent on the computer for fun is very limited at the moment. My prayer is that I can organize my time management much better than I have been and begin to enjoy my love of blogging again, as well as, visiting the blogs I love to read.

BTW, once in while there may be a guest blogger, so look for them and hopefully you will enjoy a new perspective on my blog.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Here it is, day number four and I am still hurting from the exercise. I so out of shape. On Saturday I couldn't even climb up or down the stairs without wincing in pain. We were told we needed to rest on Sunday, well I chose Saturday because I just couldn't move. I was still sore yesterday, but able to do a few floor exercises and a brisk walk on the treadmill.

The nice thing is my little Ollie loves to hop on the treadmill and walk with me. I have a permanent walking buddy! He stayed with me even when I raised the incline. What a good little doggie he has turned into. I will have to have the Hubs take a picture, it is so cute.

Tonight I am going to an exercise class that is being led by some of the old biggest losers. What an inspiration that will be. Secretly, I am dreading going because I know they will whip my hiney.

The good news is, I have had three people ask if I am losing weight! My poop of a husband said it was because I finally broke down and cut and colored my hair. Leave it to him to burst my bubble.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Thoughts

"It was fun to be with fifteen other people who want to change theirs lives too. The excitement was infectious. Pictures were taken, individual, teams and the entire group. (These will be the before pics). We were weighed in and our measurements taken."

Excerpt from my first journal entry. Our "official" Biggest Loser Program started last night. To tell you the truth, I am overwhelmed with information. I am not sure how those who work full time are going to do it. It takes so much time and energy to get everything started. Our meetings will be three hours long and one of those hours is a workout. Ohhh...did that kill me. I am so sore today. It helped to see the others struggle just as much as I did. I really need to have others doing this with me.

I think the biggest help though, is the prayer and devotions.

In the book "What Have You Got To Lose", Stephen Arterburn says there are seven keys to losing your burdens. The first one is surrender. "So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor" (1 Peter 5:6) "You must be willing to discover what is driving your negative behaviors and want healing more than you want your false comforts".

Stay tuned...

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year

  • Resting - still recovering from an antibiotic resistant bacteria (pneumonia) in my lungs.
  • Reading - read three books in the last couple of weeks and have a bunch more to read, thanks Ang.
  • Pounding - as the Hubs is working to finish off part of the basement.
  • Exciting - daughter number two has graduated from college and is moving home for a short time.
  • Growing - in the Lord as I challenge myself spiritually.
  • Shrinking - as I start the Biggest Loser program this week.
  • Organizing - because it always makes me feel neater and cleaner.
  • Loving - the time spent with my children, siblings and their families over the Christmas holidays.
  • Trying - to blog and read blogs again. It has been a very long time...