Friday, October 30, 2009

Shaggy, Crayons and Other Characters

Guess who was Shaggy once again? If you guessed Lance, you were absolutely right.

Last night was Lance's school Halloween Dance. We don't like to encourage Halloween much, but Lance loves it and since he is so innocent and doesn't understand the evil behind it, we let him have fun. Sorry, I digress. I took him to the dance and couldn't help enjoying myself. He walked around the dance floor looking at every one's costumes. Lance doesn't dance. Why? I am not sure, but he would rather walk around and look at all the people while they dance. So, that's what he did all evening, well that, and eat pizza. He always has room for pizza.

When we got in the car, he started talking and didn't stop until he went to bed. He saw Miss Elaine dressed as an old man and Jessica dressed as a crayon. There was a bat, several Draculas, an Egyptian Princess, a couple Minnie Mouses as well as a few Elvises. He saw witches, Michael Jacksons and some greasers. Another friend was what Lance said was "a waitress" she was dressed in a 50's style waitress costume, so cute. He also saw some policemen and firemen and doctors and nurses and even a veterinarian. Need less to say, he will be talking about all the characters and I do mean "characters" :-) for quite a while. It was so much fun watching all these people with challenges, having a great time. I do have to admit that all the staff people and high school kids who came in for their community service hours, had just as much fun.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful List

As you know, it has been soooo busy lately and I haven't had the time I need to spend blogging and visiting blogs. I thought I would take a few moments and list a few things that I am thankful for...

  • New 600 count sheets (our one and only pair ripped after being washed so many times)
  • Talking to family on the phone
  • Books
  • Freshly baked pumpkin pie
  • Teaching Carly, Lance's staff person, how to make freshly baked pumpkin pie from scratch.
  • Worship music
  • Books
  • Watching Lance and Carly carve a vampire pumpkin
  • Novocain for a very sensitive tooth
  • Books
  • Cool weather
  • A new bra that doesn't pinch (I know many of my lady friends will understand)
  • Starbucks
  • Prayer with friends
  • Books
  • My faithful blogging friends who understand that I will be stopping by soon to catch up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Life

I found out this weekend that I had strep throat, a sinus infection and bronchitis bordering on pneumonia. With much prayer and antibiotics I am on the road to recovery.

We had a wonderful visit with Angela this past weekend and even though I wasn't up to snuff, we enjoyed her time here immensely. It was fun watching Angela and Lance exchange birthday gifts. I had asked Lance what he wanted to get his sister and told me flowers, which was so thoughtful but I explained that she wouldn't be able to take these home on the plane. He then suggested getting her chocolates and again I hated to burst his bubble, but told him that she doesn't eat chocolate at all. I think he began to grasp for straws because his next suggestion was to buy her a steak. This made me laugh because Angela eats very little meat and never a steak. Lance and I went to Bath and Body Works where he picked out a subtle fragrant body mist. I think he did a great job, and for the record, I would have liked anyone of the items he wanted to get his sister.

Angela got Lance three books, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Six by Seuss, and Where the Wild Things Are. He made Erin, his staff person that was on duty last night, read to him from Where the Sidewalk Ends for over an hour. She told me that she remembers reading the book when she was young and thoroughly enjoyed reading it again. I am so happy she is a good sport.

Now, I never let people know who my daughter works with, I figure it is her job and she doesn't need people knowing the who's, what's, where's and why's of her business, but I am going to brag a little bit right now. Because of who she knows, we, as in Lance, Kevin and I, are getting back stage passes to a concert we are attending Sunday. Can you say YES!?!?! Lance will absolutely love meeting the band members of this well known worship band.

Once again, I want to apologize for not stopping by and visiting all my bloggy friends. Life has a way getting in the way of so many things. I am hoping that next week I will feel much better and be less busy so I can catch up with all of you. In the mean time, keep the faith!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Catch Up

Okay, I am giving in and going to the clinic today. I haven't been feeling well for quite a while and when the hubs woke me up this morning to say I kept him awake with my snoring and coughing, I decide that was it. I offered to sleep in another room but he, being sweet, said "no, it doesn't bother me too much and I would rather have you next me". Can you say Awwww...?

My girl is coming to visit tomorrow!!! She is flying in for work and thought it would be nice to come early enough to celebrate Lance's birthday. He doesn't turn 24 until December, but it will wonderful to have them both together. Shhhhh...don't tell her, but we will celebrate her birthday too, it is before Lance's. I am sad that our other daughter is unable to come, but she is almost finished with school and needs to keep up the work. Graduation is only a few months away!

I am so excited!!! I was hired to host a doctor's grand opening open house. It has been so long since I put on a party, and even though it is not an "official" party, I will be planning and putting together the refreshments and decorating the tables. Naturally my mind is going crazy with ideas, the problem is he wants it low keyed and classic. I love to take themes and run with them! But I will have to tone down the imagination and make it very nice and business like. It is still nice to be doing this for pay once again.

Last week we didn't go to our small group because we had a wedding to attend. The wedding was very nice and we got to visit with my mother's family. It has been so long since we have seen them and I realized how much I missed them. I am going to have to take the initiative to go visit more often. Anyway, we are going to small group tonight, I find it so amazing that we already have formed some good relationships with these people. We have only been attending a short time.

Well I need to go dry my hair and get Lance ready for his staff person. Then off to the clinic.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Has It Been A Week Already?

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post. The days seem to be slipping by so fast. I also have not been spending too much time on the computer lately. I hop on really quick to check the facebook status and work for a few minutes on my virtual farm and then close down. (I got sucked in to Farmville!) I haven't even been by to visit my blogger friends recent posts. Sorry to all of you!!

Lance is still recovering from a resistant case of bronchitis. After six weeks, he is still coughing and wheezing. The doctor said that he has been seeing quite a few people who have this somewhat resistant bacteria infection. So now Lance is on a very strong antibiotic, steroids, two inhalers and some allergy meds. The poor guy leaves in the morning for school, all drugged up.

Did it get cold in your neck of the woods??? I got up this morning and our little Oliver (our dog) was shivering like crazy. It got down to 36 degrees during the night. Actually, I sleep so much better when it is cold at night, but like it to warm up during the day time. I know, it true...I want my cake and eat it too! I have to admit that I did turn the furnace on this morning for a few minutes to take the chill out of the air. I really didn't want too, but seeing Oliver shivering and shivering, I took pity. But I only had it on for ten minutes!

The colors are changing quickly now, especially the sugar maples. They are a beautiful burgundy color. I am not going to "fall" into my usual regretting fall because it ushers in winter mode. I am going to enjoy this gorgeous season for what it is. Colors, crisp air, apples (made a big apple pie yesterday!), cider, and of course the cider donuts. The funny squirrels squirrelling away the black walnuts are as crazy as ever. We are finding the walnuts all over the house and yard. Tucked in the corners of the porches and on the fence posts, as well as, in flower pots and on the grill. Oliver loves to go outside and sit in the sunshine while watching these crazy creatures scamper everywhere.

Now back to the apple pie and cider donuts. I am applying for the Biggest Loser competition at church, and thought that I need to eat these for the last time before the BLC begins. I need prayer that they will consider me for this program. There are over forty applicants and only 12 are chosen. It would be a huge commitment on my part. January through May with daily exercise and a strict diet. But I would also get spiritual and nutrition counseling, emotional counseling, personal training and tons of support. Just what I need!

As I look and see how much I have written, I figure I need to log off for now. Yes, this is my journal, but there are those of you who stop by and read and you don't need to read about my boring life all afternoon.

So until later, au revoir.