Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Once again, I have to say I am soooo busy. I hate starting my blog this way, but I am, so there.

Brigette moved home a week ago and we have been extremely busy moving her in, trying to finish the basement where she will be living and also trying to find her a job. She did get hired in at a local Starbucks, which we are very excited about.

Oliver finally has a playmate, Pippen. Pippen is taking her time transitioning to another new environment and has been a little bit crabby and Oliver is so excited that he is not giving her the time she needs transition. Well, you can image the growls of joy and the growls of complaints going on around the house.

I have been working very hard on the BL contest and working out a lot. Also, I am spending time recording my eating, exercising and journaling. This takes quite a bit of time out of my day.

My time spent on the computer for fun is very limited at the moment. My prayer is that I can organize my time management much better than I have been and begin to enjoy my love of blogging again, as well as, visiting the blogs I love to read.

BTW, once in while there may be a guest blogger, so look for them and hopefully you will enjoy a new perspective on my blog.


Joyce said...

Hi Gina,
Nice to see you nice for you to have your daughter home : ) Hoping the dogs make friends soon (or at least decide who's boss) !

Donna's Book Nook said...

I commend you on your commitment to the BL contest. I have such a hard time getting regular exercise these days. Could use the motivation of a contest.

I'm sure you will enjoy having your daughter home. Hope Oliver and Pippin can become best friends.

Dee said...

I totally understand. You are just in a busy cycle right now. I am glad you are still committed to you BL contest and will look forward to hearing about your progress.It is nice to be making room for your daughter and I am sure she appreciates it.I hope oliver can win over pippens friendship soon. I will look for your guest bloggers. :)

Rebecca said...

Glad to hear you are keeping your BL commitment. Many people get sidetracked and make excuses when faced with changes and challenges.

I'll keep checking in & am cheering for you. Looking forward to the "guest blog spots" (Great idea, by the way, until you find your time commitments taming down a bit....)

Pat said...

Good job on the BL commitment! I'm proud of you!
Sometimes life gets so busy, and I totally understand how bloging gets put aside. I have had to do that several times myself. Your faithful friends will always be by to check on you and see whats new can count on us!
Gues blogger, hmmmm, I can hardly wait!