Wednesday, July 29, 2009

South Carolina

Lance and I spent a wonderful time with my girls and son-in-law in Charleston a couple of weeks ago.

Ahhhh...the smell of the ocean, the beautiful sailboats, the bustle of the city. I love Charleston!

Angela, Lance and I went to the aquarium one morning. Brigette works and attends school downtown, so she was very happy to meet us for lunch in one of the many little restaurants there. (Especially when mom pays, because the cost of school is outrageous!) It was a great day!

We also spent a few days at the beach. Even though the temps were very high, there was always a gorgeous breeze blowing. Lance loved walking and drawing in the sand, as well as, playing with the little sand crabs.

Lance and I went to the local county park to hike a bit, it is a beautiful place with lots of woods and boardwalks over the marsh. We ended up leaving not too long after we arrived because of the attack of killer mosquitoes. I really thought that at one point we were going to be lifted up and taken their hideout to be interrogated.

The week ended by spending some time visiting with David's mom and dad. It had been way too long since we saw them. They too, came to spend some time with the kids over the fourth of July holiday. David barbecued and Angela set a lovely table. I, of course, forgot to pull out my camera and get a few pics, but the memories will always be with me.

The only down side of the whole visit was Oliver (our dog) getting kennel cough. I bet you didn't know that even if a dog is vaccinated, they can still get kennel cough. Go figure.

Lance and I are now counting the days until December when we will be returning to Charleston. Brigette will be graduating from the College of Charleston!! Yea Brig!!!


Joyce said...

Love your pictures...they go so well with your blog design too!

Glad you had a great time in SC...Joyce

Letters From Midlife said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. Special memories to hopefully get you through until the next visit.

Dee said...

What a grand summer your having. I do appreciate you sharing it . Dee

beckymc said...

Gina, You were right in my back yard. You do know the SC state bird is the mosquito didn't you; and the ones you can not see have the biggest teeth!lol.
I am glad you had a great time and enjoyed our weather and beaches.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

The pictures are GREAT!!

so glad that I stopped by....My blog reading has been so little the last few weeks...but have a few free days to catch up.


I have really enjoyed reading your blog, so glad I found it. I love the beach pics. I love going to the beach on vacation. You have a beautiful family. Have a great weekend. Blessings,