Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Bits and Pieces

It has been a while since I have posted. You know how life gets...busy, to say the least.

We started our new small group, it is great to be with people who want to study the Word like we do. Our study is the Truth Project from Focus on the Family.

The fall flowers are blooming in my front yard. Aren't these beautiful?

I met with my book club for the first time last week. The book was intriguing, Safely Home by Randy Alcorn.

Lance has been to the doctors' for bronchitis several times. He now has a nasty cough resulting from his bronchial tubes spasming. He has to use an inhaler, it was quite difficult teaching him how to use it. Lance also had an MRI and an MRA done last week in which he was put to sleep for. This ended up being a very long day. His dental surgery has been scheduled for the end of October. No coverage for it, so I have been calling around to see if there is some place or organization that would help with the $7000.00 min. cost. That is government healthcare for you. Sigh...

Love, love, love the weather!!! It has been absolutely gorgeous this fall.

Had a crown done this past week, another two in the next month. Geesh...

Kevin is leaving for training in CA tomorrow. I might get the chance to go see a movie or two while he is gone. Thanks Ang.

We finally became members of our church. We have been attending for almost two years and decided it was time to be committed. It is a great church!

Watched the first televised Red Wings game last night. It was a preseason game, so the lost doesn't count. (That is a relief!)

Only three more months until Brigette graduates. Everyone is happy for that!!!

Did I say that I am loving the weather? Cool nights, warm days and blue skies. Ahhhh...


Joyce said...

Hi Gina,

I will be praying something works out in the way of dental payment for your son.

I have one graduating as husband told someone he gets a raise this spring : ) We'll be down to tuition for one child. On the other hand I cannot believe mine is graduating...where did the time go???

What are the flowers? they are so lovely...I just put some more mums out on my front porch...I love fall!

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

It's hard not to love this weather! I agree. So good to catch up via this post. I'm sad to hear of the round of bronchitis, etc. for Lance and join you in your prayer for $ to help meet his dental expense.

Your group study sounds good - and it is good and encouraging to commit to a group like this for support and accountability.

Pat said...

It's so good to hear from you again. That's a very step dental bill to cover yourself. I know that some universities, like U of M and Wayne State often do proceedures at less cost because students do them, of course with the assistance of a licensed dentist!
I agree, the weather is so perfect, great sleeping weather!
And your flowers...beautiful!

Letters From Midlife said...

I like the book you're reading. It sparked a passion for praying for Chinese Christians and sending Bibles.

Sheryl said...

Thanks for updating us on what's going on.

I am praying for the bill. God will provide.