Thursday, October 1, 2009

Has It Been A Week Already?

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post. The days seem to be slipping by so fast. I also have not been spending too much time on the computer lately. I hop on really quick to check the facebook status and work for a few minutes on my virtual farm and then close down. (I got sucked in to Farmville!) I haven't even been by to visit my blogger friends recent posts. Sorry to all of you!!

Lance is still recovering from a resistant case of bronchitis. After six weeks, he is still coughing and wheezing. The doctor said that he has been seeing quite a few people who have this somewhat resistant bacteria infection. So now Lance is on a very strong antibiotic, steroids, two inhalers and some allergy meds. The poor guy leaves in the morning for school, all drugged up.

Did it get cold in your neck of the woods??? I got up this morning and our little Oliver (our dog) was shivering like crazy. It got down to 36 degrees during the night. Actually, I sleep so much better when it is cold at night, but like it to warm up during the day time. I know, it true...I want my cake and eat it too! I have to admit that I did turn the furnace on this morning for a few minutes to take the chill out of the air. I really didn't want too, but seeing Oliver shivering and shivering, I took pity. But I only had it on for ten minutes!

The colors are changing quickly now, especially the sugar maples. They are a beautiful burgundy color. I am not going to "fall" into my usual regretting fall because it ushers in winter mode. I am going to enjoy this gorgeous season for what it is. Colors, crisp air, apples (made a big apple pie yesterday!), cider, and of course the cider donuts. The funny squirrels squirrelling away the black walnuts are as crazy as ever. We are finding the walnuts all over the house and yard. Tucked in the corners of the porches and on the fence posts, as well as, in flower pots and on the grill. Oliver loves to go outside and sit in the sunshine while watching these crazy creatures scamper everywhere.

Now back to the apple pie and cider donuts. I am applying for the Biggest Loser competition at church, and thought that I need to eat these for the last time before the BLC begins. I need prayer that they will consider me for this program. There are over forty applicants and only 12 are chosen. It would be a huge commitment on my part. January through May with daily exercise and a strict diet. But I would also get spiritual and nutrition counseling, emotional counseling, personal training and tons of support. Just what I need!

As I look and see how much I have written, I figure I need to log off for now. Yes, this is my journal, but there are those of you who stop by and read and you don't need to read about my boring life all afternoon.

So until later, au revoir.


Phil+ said...

I love cider donuts too. Yummy!

And I'll be praying for you and the BL thing at church.

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Is there any website about your church's B.L. program? I think this sounds fantastic! I'd be so interested to know the details. And I hope you get chosen for YOU and for us who "follow" you!

Our temps are about the same as yours. I threw a sheet over the tomato plant that I have last night and noticed some white stuff on a few yards as I walked earlier this morning.

I'm so sorry about Lance's bronchitis. I've even heard some strep throat going around here....

Good idea - to enjoy fall w/o thinking winter! Blessings on your life & family.

Joyce said...

We stopped at a farm stand last weekend and bought cider and I've been warming up a cup every day..yum!

We broke down and put our heat on last night too...I love the cool temperatures though.

It's nice to see you here...I'm with Rebecca on the BLC-would love to know more about how that is going to be run-sounds like a great idea! I'll be praying for the selection and for your son too-thats miserable to be sick for so long. Take care...Joyce

Donna's Book Nook said...

It's good to hear from you! So sorry about Lance--it is so frustrating to be sick for so long.

Also interested in the B.L. info, and I hope you get chosen.

I am loving Fall! Just spent a week in New England States and the trees and mountains were beautiful!

beckymc said...

Sorry Lance is not feeling well. I have not been here much lately myself. I had a few weeks off from school so other than checking a facebook status I have been taking a computer rest espicially this past week. (Haven't even planted on my virtual farm...I am a farm town person, I also love Yoville on facebook but haven't been there much either.) School starts again next week so I will be spending hours on the computer again.....Hope Lance feels better soon and you enjoy the fall.....I miss fall here....

Dee said...

I hope Lance is feeling better. I keep popping onto face book a lot, i have steered myself away from the games but am tempted to do a few surveys. :-) It is definately fall in my little town. It is time to bring the bunny in. I covered his cage with heavy thermol quilts the other night because of freeze and frost warnings. I am clearing out his spot today. I also am trying not to focus on winter and miss out on the beauty of this short season. I hope you are picked for the BLC at your church. I will be on the sideline cheering you on.

Cindy said...

I hope Lance is feels better. I'll be praying for him.

Letters From Midlife said...

I hope the BL thing works for you. I've been quite frustrated at my lack of motivation but all my church offers right now is a boot camp exercise class and it hurts my knees just to watch them. lol