Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things I love

I thought I would make a list of the things I love at the moment...'cause it changes day by day. 

Cool weather (with these nasty hot flashes, the cool days and nights feel wonderful!)

Shopping with Lance today (he had to get two more green shirts, let's see, I think that makes six now)

Hubs home early from work stealing some well deserved zzzzzzzz's

My books (yes, I have mentioned this from time to time) :-)

Working out (can you believe that I actually love working out???? I can't either!)

Talking to my daughter about my grandson (soon to be delivered and I can't wait...well...yes I can because I want him to healthy and perfect in everyway)

My job

The things I can buy at my job (just in case you don't know, I work at Sur La Table...)

More things I can buy at my job (Ya Baby!!!)


Bible reading

Worship music

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat

Playing cards and giggling with Brig (okay, not giggling, laughing until hurts, which isn't very pretty with the wheezing and snorting and crying and squealing and then having to explain what was so funny to the hubs who didn't find it funny...humpff)


Cooking with all the new things I have purchased at work (unfortunately I tend to buy too much)

This is always fun to write down the things that make me happy.  I love my life!!!


Joyce said...

Hi Gina! I liked your list and its nice to see you : )

Sheryl said...

Love the list...especially the cool weather. Hot flashes are my life, unfortunately.