Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Angela and David have Tilly and Kally, two long haired teacup Chihuahuas. Brigette has Pippin an Olde English Pocket Beagle. Lance loves them to pieces.

In comes thought, discussions, prayer, more talking and then the decision...yes, lets get Lance a puppy. I want a long haired teacup chihuahua but realize that it may be too fragile for Lance. Okay, lets go with an Olde English Pocket Beagle. We e-mailed the breeder and sent in a deposit with this request...calm temperament, female, small and brown and black, a lot like Pippin only calmer and we will name her Olive. April 14, the puppies are born, two females, three males. Kate, the breeder, names her female Olive not knowing we were going to name her that. Must be providence, only she isn't brown and black, she isn't the smallest and she isn't the calmest. Now what do we do? Kate tells me she has a male that is much calmer than the rest of the litter and he is the smallest of the gang. I am concerned because we have never had a male dog and I have heard horror stories about the aggression, the marking, the humping... She assures me that if you neuter the dog before eight months he will not do these things. She sent pictures and we were smitten, all right, he is Oliver and he is ours. Two weeks after my knee surgery we head to Ohio to pick him up. While there he is still tying to nurse. He sleeps in my lap the whole way home. He is so tiny, so sweet and so calm for two weeks then he turns into Cujo!!! Yes, our adorable little peanut begins to hump the toys and my leg...I scream because he is only ten weeks old! He growls and bites if you get too close to his food and don't you dare take away a chew toy. If we are holding him and he wants down, well lets just say it isn't pretty.

So today I pay an outrageous price to a dog behaviorist and she assures me everything will be okay. He is just asserting his dominance and with constant training and supervision for a few months he will be the sweetest dog ever. So here it talking on the phone, no blogging until Kevin is with him, no leaving him by himself. He has to have a leash on constantly and be taken outside every 30 minutes unless he hasn't gone, then it is every 15 minutes...

We just wanted a calm, female, small and brown and black puppy!

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