Wednesday, April 14, 2010


As a part of the BLP(Biggest Loser program), there are devotions we do every week.  I wanted to post some of the highlights. 

Lose the unrealistic Expectations...gain real hope.  From the book, "What have you got to lose?" by Stephen Arterburn.
  1. I must be perfect for God to work in me.  Holding on to this kind of thinking, we tend to cover up our problems and be dishonest about our struggles because we think God is looking for perfection.
  2. I've screwed up so many times it's just too late.  It's never too late with God.  Never!!!
  3. I can do this alone.  If you can do it alone you would have done it by now.
I have to admit that I have said all of the above at one time another.  I just really need to realize that with God all things are possible.  They truly are!  Also, I need to be honest about why I let myself get to be the way I was.   Just some thoughts to ponder.


Dee said...

Good post and a good reminder that with God all things ARE possible. It really hit home with me when you said "I need to be (honest) why I let myself get to be the way I am."

Donna's Book Nook said...

Honesty is hard to deal with sometimes. You are an inspiration-I admire your hard work and perseverance.