Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Remembering Summer Again

As I was walking outside taking pictures of the lingering summer flowers, I started reminiscing about the wonderful summer we had this year.  The Tiger game, San Diego with Angela, Lisa, Emma and Lily's visit, "Up North" in Caseville, Rhonda's family here for Crystal's was great.

Lance, Emma and Lily
in Caseville, MI

Lance's Special Needs class
at the Detroit Tigers game.

Lance making pizza wearing the
apron and hat from Angela and David.

Petting farm in Caseville

Seals basking in the sun at La Jolla beach

Angela at 27 weeks

Rhonda, Jim and Crystal at Stony Creek

It truly was a memory making summer, now I am looking forward to a memory making autumn.  


Rebecca said...

So happy for a peek into your busy life. Your job sounds wonderful and you sound content. I can see that your blog title is quite accurate: LIFE CHANGES!

God bless you, Gina - and your entire (growing) family!

Cindy - Letters From Midlife said...

That does sound like good times!

How are you doing with the weight loss? Is that challenge at church done now?

Pat said...

A summer full of wonderful memories!
I loved each of the pictures, a real keepsake of a day in the life of your family.
The next photo's will have snow in them!!