Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I love Take II

I couldn't help writing down a few other things that make me happy.

The Farmers' Market ( soon to close down because of the cold weather)  :-(

Creating with friends (canning jalapeno jelly today!!!)

Cleaning windows (well, actually I hate cleaning windows, but love the look of freshly cleaned windows, so I guess I love clean windows, not cleaning windows)

The return of Red Wings hockey

Dark Chocolate (when I heard it was good for you, it gave me license to eat it a little more often, okay, okay, a lot more often)

Taking time to spend a few minutes on the computer

Our small group (love those people!)

Watching God do amazing things!!

PIZZA!!!  (I really do limit myself to very little, but I love, love, love it!)

Okay, enough for now, I am so grateful for the little things...


Pat said...

So much to love and give thanks for!
I just washed my living room windows room at a time! I too am not thrilled with the work of it, but the rewards are great when finished.
You have a great list, and like you, I could go on forever!

Dee said...

When you think on happy thoughts the day is much brighter. Chocolate also helps. :)

Dee said...

Merry Christmas Gina,I pray the new year will find you with a little added tome to are missed. Dee