Sunday, September 28, 2008

Going Deeper

Our Church has initiated a new series call RE:FORMATION. It is taking place over a period of 100 days and challenging us to deepen our walks with God. Now to be honest with you I am only in the very beginning and already feel like I have failed the task. We are encouraged to read 1/100th of the Bible every day, I haven't. In fact I was a part of a Bible Buddies group who were reading through the Bible in a year. I haven't followed through with that either. (Just to let you know, I have read the Bible through many times but not recently) I read the Word everyday, okay if I am being honest, not every day but most days, but sometimes I just read one chapter and that may not be in the books that I am suppose to be reading. I do tend to stay in the New Testament most of the time because I love reading what Jesus tells us...

I really want to move closer to the Lord but find I am so weak. So this is my challenge to myself. I will read a portion of the Word everyday and write it at the end of each post on this blog. If I don't have much to say (blog) I will at least post my reading. That way I will feel accountable.

So off I go on another journey. I will report what I am learning along the way. I will also share some of the other books I may be reading at time.

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