Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Non Smoking

Lance and I walk in, the hostess asks "How many?"
I reply "two."
"Smoking or non smoking?"
"Non smoking please."
"Right this way."
We follow her and sit down. Lance is becoming nervous. For some reason unbeknown to me Lance has a hard time with little children. There are little children just behind him that are acting up.
We order. I decided on the soup and salad bar and Lance has a Big Boy combo with sprite.

The hostess seats another family kitty corner to us, more kids...good grief. Lance's eyes are now darting around from one table to another.

Within a few minutes Lance's burger is there and I get up to get my salad. The gentleman with the newly seated family walks by with a lit cigarette looking for an ashtray. I decided to find a waitress to ask if we were put in the smoking or non smoking section. I was assured it was non smoking and our waitress went over to ask the fellow not to smoke. He said he asked for the smoking section. The waitress offered to move them...he said it was fine and put out his cigarette, they would stay where they are.

I am very frustrated by this point, Lance eyes are still darting and he is shoveling in his food and the woman of the smoking family starts to mumble. "Mumble, mumble...pisses me off...mumble, mumble...come over herself...mumble, mumble...does she think she is...mumble, mumble"

The waitress comes over and apologizes. I start to feel guilty and say "It's just that I have asthma." She then goes over the smoking folks and says "...she says she has asthma..."

I can't finish my salad and Lance's food is gone and fidgeting so we ask for our bill and leave.

*Mom died of lung cancer (smoked all her life)
*Dad has COPD (still smoking)
*Kevin has adult onset asthma
*Angela has asthma
*Brigette has asthma
*I have adult onset asthma
*Lance was in the NICU for two weeks because of lung issues

Why should I justify wanting to sit in non-smoking...

When I got home Lance and I had a big bowl of Moose Tracks ice cream, that made me feel a little better.

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Meadowlark Days said...

Hopefully someday your state will join others that have smoking bans required in all restaurants!