Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Giant of a Woman

I don't know if there ever was as tiny a woman who held such a huge place in the heart of a family than my mother.

Betty Jean was itty bitty, only 97 lbs. and so full of love for the Lord and for us. She always put her family first, we were the most important things in her life. It centered around her children and grandchildren.

There were six biological children born to her and then in her fifties she adopted two more. She now has 19 grandchildren.

We always lived close by her, even right next door for six years. She was the kind of woman who would drop everything to help anyone out. When Lance was born, she was right there. I have never had the problem of being a parent of a special needs child without support. Mom and Lance were the best of friends, he adored her and she him. She loved to take Lance to Disney World, I think we were there six times with her. (Thanks to her, Lance only wants to go to Disney World!)

If one of us were struggling financially, she would happily give. If one of us were hurting, she would be there immediately for as long as we needed her. Her family was spread out across the country and she would go visit often.

Today would have been her 73rd. birthday. We lost her just one month shy of three years ago. I can't tell you what a huge hole was left in our hearts. We miss her more now.

Phil posted her eulogy, it is Mom. You can read it here.

Sexy Betty

Mom and Dad's Wedding Day

Auntie Eileen who passed away two weeks before mom, she was like a mother to us, Mom, Lisa and Me at my wedding.

Mom and Lance on a beach in New England.

Mom and Lisa at Lisa's Wedding.

All of us, yea we are a big family.

We miss you Mom, happy birthday.


Letters From Midlife said...

I can tell you miss her a great deal and while I'm sad for your loss, I can tell you have many happy memories that will pull you through. I still have my mom so your post reminds me to be thankful for that despite some of the angst between us.

Rebecca said...

Ditto to what Letters from Midlife said!

And thanks for your note re. journaling. Blogging IS journaling.
And I'm really glad you found your "voice." So many of us are benefiting :)

Phil+ said...

Thanks for posting the photos!

mihalis-halkida said...

Hello, Looking to my aresai your blog, your writing and I salute you, Michael - Greece

mihalis-halkida said...
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Donna's Book Nook said...

Gina--What a wonderful tribute, and what a great heritage to have a mom like yours. We lost our Dad a little over 8 months ago, and we really feel his loss. He was a sweet gently man who loved the Lord and his family.

Thanks for sharing the photos. Donna

Life with Linda said...

She sounds like a wonderful Mother..thanks for sharing with us...

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt Gina.

I've never gotten to see younger pictures of Nena. She was as stunning then as she was when I last saw her. Thanks so much for posting them. Oh, and lest we forget, she has a great-grand baby named after her as well. And many more great-grand babies to come. ;)


Gina said...

That's right Amy, little Sarah Elizabeth, the first Great Grand. :~)

Brenda said...

Yes, you were blessed with a wonderful mother! I enjoyed looking through the pictures and reading your tribute. It is hard when God takes those we love so much earlier than we are ready to let them go! Blessings on you,

Dee said...

Gina, your mom was a beautiful woman. So happy for you to have good memories this mothers day. Dee

Brig said...

She was a small woman who left a big legacy. The day she died I saw her bible with all of the names of her family written in the pages and the dates when they joined the family of Christ. I will never forget that it was her prayers that made us a Bible believing family.

Donna Cooper said...

What a lovely tribute to your Mom. I'm sure it is difficult, too, that tomorrow is Mother's day.
My Mom passed away Marcy 2006. She is still remembered with love, and missed so much.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's Sarah Jean. She was named after Nena. And nothing seemed to fit better when I talk to her. Haha, she gave me Nena's look the other day. I miss her.