Monday, August 10, 2009

Bits and Pieces and Food

Loved yesterday's sermon. How many times do we really keep the Sabbath? Really? Pastor talked about rest and how most of us never, ever take the time to truly rest. Yesterday we did. It was nice.

Treated myself to a movie this morning. I saw Julie and Julia today. It was great, especially for foodies. I like to consider myself a foodie. I love to cook and to bake. So now I want to do what Julie Powell did, challenge myself to cook more. She went through Julia Child's cookbook in a year and found herself. I don't think I need to find myself, I know who I am, but I would love to truly challenge myself. Especially with cooking.

Why do I enjoy blue cheese dressing so much?

Okay, another foodie bit. Just recently read A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg. My daughter recommended it to me. Again, I loved it and want to try many of the recipes. I wonder what it is about food that influences people so much. Is that why Jesus says He is the Bread of Life? Food really speaks to us.

I am so thoroughly enjoying the Farmer's Market this year. The Michigan corn is amazing. We have had it several times a week for three weeks now. The beans, blueberries, tomatoes and zucchini are also unbelievable. I have been buying the free range eggs too, nothing like a fresh egg. Oh, and the hubbs and son are going crazy over the homemade baked goods that they sell.

Saw Bedtime Stories (silly little thing) and G-Force (lots of fun) Saturday with my guys.

Am looking forward to celebrating Mom-in-laws eightieth birthday Saturday. My daughter is flying in for the day. YAY!!!

Made some fantastic blueberry pancakes Saturday morning. I only had one because I am suppose to be watching what I am eating. They were very good with the fresh berries. Mmmmm...

Really enjoying my iced tea this summer. My sister told me how she makes her southern sweet tea and I modified it so it doesn't have much sugar at all. The secret is baking soda, who would have thought.

There were some wicked storms last night. There is nothing quite as cozy (even in 90 degree weather) as a crazy storm. The lights kept flickering, but we were prepared with flashlights, candles and matches. My man was kind of hoping he could fire up the generator. Well, we didn't lose our power, but we lit the candles and turned out the lights anyway. It made me smile.

It's the little things...


Pat said...

What a great post, so warm and homey! I'm a foodie too, unfortunately a foodie who also likes to eat her foodie. I recall people at church saying Christians love to eat because it's the only vice that is allowed...HA! I think it's just a plain and simple comfort.
I would love to hear the ice tea complete recipe..I just can't imagine that secret ingredient, like you said, who'd have thought?!
Enjoy the blessings of the season!!

Joyce said...

I'm a foodie too and am happy to be settled into my new kitchen. The rest of the house still has some bits and pieces to organize but the kitchen is good.

I'd love to hear the iced tea recipe too!

Donna's Book Nook said...

Wow! It made me hungry reading this blog! Count me in--I want the Iced tea recipe also. Donna

beckymc said...

I saw the movie Julie and Julia too and loved it. I like to cook but not so much anymore but I love to eat as anyone can tell...
I loved your post Gina it was a montouge of foodie stuff it was great..I love the farmers market too there is one at the hospital on Fridays I go when I work..