Thursday, August 27, 2009

Remembering Summer, Take II

Writing yesterday's post opened up a flood gate of memories, so I thought I would add a few more.

Watching Dad as he sprayed lighter fluid on the charcoal and then listening to the big Whoosh as the match was thrown on.

Jumping double dutch, hula hoops, four square and dodge ball.

Being at a friend's house and swimming in our underwear.

Being allowed to play kick the can with the big kids in the street light after dark.

Wandering through the bamboo grove when it finally grew above our heads.

Playing house in the same bamboo grove.

Helping Mom hang out the clothes on the clothes line and then watching them whip in the wind.

Standing at the door calling Ju-dy, Ju-dy, instead of knocking or ringing the bell when we wanted our friends to come out to play.

Swinging so high on the swings and then jumping off to see how far we could go without hurting ourselves.

Having lunch out on the picnic table everyday so we wouldn't mess up the dinning room after mom had cleaned it.

Hurrying up to finish our chores so we could be the first ones outside.

Picking up the apples under the apple tree and then polishing them on our shirts until they shined before eating them.

Coming in when the street lights came on.

What are some more of your memories?


Letters From Midlife said...

This was delightful to read. One memory that came to my mind was how my siblings and I would grab jars and go out after dark to catch lighting bugs (fireflies) and watch them light up. Of course we got a lot of mosquito and chigger bites at the same time.

Letters From Midlife said...

I meant "lightning" bugs. I wish there was an edit feature on comments to appease the obsessiveness I have with spelling! lol!

Donna's Book Nook said...

Also, having watermelon seed spitting contests in the yard.

Riding my bike, in a SKIRT,to go to summer school or just "up town".

I'm sure there are others--weren't those the days? Thanks for the memories--Oops, I think Bob Hope sang that! Donna

Life with Linda said...

Ok, a little older...sitting on the curb ...transistor radios... wearing madras & plain white canvas tennies- that got washed when they were dirty-walking the neighborhood after dark...and watching TV cuz everyone's front door was open (no air) listening to the beach boys and others and them not being on the Oldies Station! "think Summer!" riding bikes to Metro beach...or swimming at Heilmann (it was an outdoor pool back then)and finally going to the drive In!

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I remember community V.B.S., hula hoop contests, playing jacks on the sidewalk,wearing a new pair of "pedal pushers", and listening to baseball games outside with transistor(!) radio on a Sunday afternon! A REAL treat!

Joyce said...

When you wrote part 1 yesterday the first thing I thought of was the giant kick the can games our whole neighborhood would of all ages all together. When I get together with my sisters and brother we all love to remember those summer nights.

One other...taking turns with my sister sitting on top of the ice cream maker while my dad and my brother took turns cranking it.

Dee said...

Playing jacks..i was really good at jacks :)I loved to play with paper dolls, and i would draw dresses for them on newspaper, and also cut out furniture from a sears catolog and make houses. I loved playing under the street lights with the neighbor kids.We played hide and seek at night.(It was a safer era)