Friday, August 21, 2009


Today is a day of random stuff. Articulate isn't it? Stuff, but that is what it is.

A new post over at Eat at Bett's, Pretend PF Chang's Lettuce Wraps. I wanted them and decided to find a recipe. I did and here are the results. Also, it is quite easy to convert to low fat and/or low sugar. Lot's of protein too. Yummm...

Pictures of Oliver while visiting with Little Sister, my sister-in-law's little pug.

Oliver and Little Sister looking at each other instead of the camera.

A friend was here this week visiting from Minnesota. Actually Kevin's best friend from childhood. They still stay in touch and visit whenever they get the opportunity. He and his wife lost one of their children a year ago, Jeff's just not the same. I am so thankful that they know the Lord and He is their source. It comforts me knowing that.

Found out there is a new pedicure place close by that does spa pedicures at a very good price (really, really good price). Lisa, if I had known, we would have so been there while you were here. I am calling today to make an appointment. My feet are so bad and crackly and dry and peeling, well, you get the picture. Pedi here I come!!!

Meeting with the elders of the church we have been attending for almost two years, on Sunday. We are going to become members. We love the church and felt it was time to make the big step. After we moved back from South Carolina, we took our time and prayed a lot about where to attend. This is a great move for Lance and well, for us too. So here it goes...

We are also attending Gateway tomorrow night. It is a big open house at church for people who want to join a small group. Church is about 30 minutes away, so we don't attend midweek service (traffic is terrible that time of night). It will be nice to get to know some people that live closer to us and also get in a Bible study again. I missed it horribly.

Meeting an old friend for lunch today. It will be good to see her.

Enough random stuff for now. We'll see what pops into my head over the next few days. Yea, that can be a scary thought.


Joyce said...

There's nothing quite like a new pedicure...enjoy!

Have a great weekend and happy new church
home : )

Pat said...

I love those PF Chang lettuce wraps, and I've gone over to the blog already to check it out! Gotta make them now! Same goes for your fruit dip. That could be a meal, fruit dip, tea and lettuce wraps!
I need a pedicure too. Hate spending the money. The cheapest I've found for a full spa pedicure is $25..think I'm about to spend it. Some things just can't be ignored!

Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I understand about missing Bible study. We have taken a summer hiatus, and I do miss it. Today at mass the readings were from a book we had studied earlier this year, and I realize how much more the readings are when they are familiar and when you know something about what is behind them. I hope you will enjoy your new group.

Dee said...

My feet are to ticklish for a pedicure. :-) It is nice you found a church to become a member of. I have held off joining the church i go to because i am not sure how long we will live in this area. I like the sense of belonging and having a voice in a church as a member. Sounds like a great weekend for you!!!