Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It Is Raining Again

After the x-rays were taken, the hygienist began to look at them. I heard an "oh!" and then an "I'll be right back". After a few minutes, she came back to the room and the dentist came in right behind her. He looked at the x-rays. "Hmmmm..." he said, and looked at Lance and I. He then put on his gloves and mask and came over to the chair. He asked Lance to open his mouth and began the exam.

We were there for a cleaning. We needed to get in before his dental coverage ran out. Michigan cut both dental and vision and we were scrambling to get the exams in before the cuts took place.

The dentist asked when his last cleaning was done. I had to admit, with a bit of embarrassment, that it was about eight months earlier with a dentist that came into his school. Medicaid patients don't have much of a choice when it comes to who provides care and most are not very good, so we were not always good about having his teeth cleaned exactly every six months. But, we have always had great reports and told that Lance's teeth were in good shape. A few fillings now and again, but never the less, good.

He told us there were no cavities. Great I thought. He then pointed out on the x-rays, that the bone around Lance's teeth were beginning to wear away, he had gum disease. He then said that Lance's medicaid insurance will not cover it. So now we had to pay for the expensive deep root cleaning, about $1000.00. Geesh... why didn't the other dentists find the problem before it got this bad? We made the necessary appointment and left.

A week later we returned knowing that Lance will need nitrous oxide to relax and Novocain for his entire mouth. Not three minutes after I left the room, the assistant came to get me. I went back to see the dentist who was very agitated, he began his tirade. "He is moving too much!" and he began to undulate in exaggerated movements. "I can't work on anyone like this!" as he got more frantic... "The instruments are too sharp!" his voice getting louder and more anxious, "and besides, he is disab..." and that's when he caught himself. He was discriminating against my son because of his disability. He quieted down and saw that I had turned red. Very quietly I told Lance to get out of the chair. It was then that the dentist patronizingly suggested that I take Lance to someone who could put him to sleep and do the procedure. We walked out of the office and I began a lengthy search to find a dentist who works specifically on people who have special needs.

I did find one (he is great!!!) and after a consultation a few days ago, it was decided that Lance will have this procedure done in the hospital. While there, the specialist may need to do some gum surgery and will also do any other dental work that he may need, including the cleaning. Medicaid will not cover any of this (government health care for you) so it will be $2000.00 to $4000.00 for the dentist's work alone, that does not include the hospital care.


Last night, Lance's PT told me that his ankles are not getting stronger and after a year of working and trying to strengthen them, she is recommending that he see and Orthopedist and get some braces to help stabilize them.

When it rains, it pours.

I am so glad that He is in control and I can come to Him when I am overwhelmed.


Brenda said...

Dear Gina,

My computer is getting repaired so I am at the library "catching up." I am so sorry to hear about Lance's dental needs. This is tough! Blessings on you and your son as you work through all of these issues. God is still good.


Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I don't want to sound dismissal of your situation - I would be quite frustrated and "overwhelmed" myself! But when you titled your post "It Is Raining Again" I couldn't help but think of Eileen and the rain that spoiled some plans BUT her grandson saw his first RAINBOW. So....I thinking and praying that God will send some SONSHINE into your situation and that soon you will see the rainbow in an unexpected way at an unexpected time. I'm SO sorry for the extra load you are carrying right now.

Donna's Book Nook said...

Oh, Gina! I am SO sorry to hear of these "challenges". And I am sad to think that the first dentist was so insensitive! I'm glad you found a solution, even though I know the expense seems overwhelming. I will pray that God will give you grace and strength for all of this. I KNOW, from things I've been through, that He is so faithful. He gives grace for every need. God bless both you and Lance in a special way today! Donna

beckymc said...

Gina, I am sorry to hear of Lance's dental problem and the insensitivity of the first dentist. he should be reported to someone for his actions. My prayers with you for future work needed for Lance