Friday, January 9, 2009


Okay, they are calling for another 4 to 8 inches of snow and a bitter cold spell next week. Don't get me wrong, I truly enjoy a big snow storm when my family is all home and we have a fire burning in the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book, while they (my family) are watching a good movie in a wonderfully clean, sparkling, uncluttered, good smelling house. house is not clean, Kevin is working and Lance is out and winter has only started. I am sick and tired of the cold and snow already.

So, I thought I would think some warm thoughts to get me through.

Clearwater beach at Chris' condo
Hot cider
Snuggling with Kevin
Holding Oliver (even though he is not suppose to be up in my lap)
Flannel sheets
Angela's screen porch in April
Boating on Lake St. Clair in July
Walking through Green Field Village in the summertime
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Hot Flashes (okay, this isn't necessarily a warm thought, it is what is actually happening right now)
Making a Lance sandwich
My big fluffy white bathrobe Brigette gave me
Sitting around a campfire
Having my whole family under one roof

Yep, those thoughts warmed me up...


Letters From Midlife said...

We're getting the same storm system you are and I also have stocked up on hot chocolate! lol Keep thinking warm thoughts. And as Wordsworth said "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" Well, in our neck of the woods the answer is a definite "maybe, maybe not!" lol

Kelly said...

Hi Gina,
We had the bad snow storm weather right before and after Christmas here in Tacoma and for us, it was pretty awful since we aren't used to having much snow, and to have it linger for over a week and keep snowing is really unusual. I like your list of things to do to stay warm. I remember one day it got to 20 degrees here and I dressed in Winter silks (leopard print!) and lots of layers and sweaters and drank hot chocolate and wrapped up in a blanket and still never got warm!
This week we had a lot of rain and we have a lot of awful flooding in the Pacific NW, lots of rivers overflowed and major highways and passes closed. It has been quite a winter so far!
Well, all you can do is just hunker down and dream of springtime! I'll pray for you and Cindy that winter passes soon!

Meadowlark Days said...

Warm thoughts indeed! I originally planned to not allow my dog on the furniture, but I can't resist letting him cuddle on my lap every night...

Kim said...

This post made me smile! Totally with you on the not clean house thing.... However, today we finally got it tidy and decorations down!!! SO, tomorrow I shall CLEAN!!! Flylady please help me!! :) Have a wonderful start to your week...