Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Dog Lady

I am turning into a crazy dog lady.

We have had dogs for years, in fact, I really can't remember going too long without a dog in the house and I have always liked having dogs around. They go with the territory, dogs and kids, kids and dogs, it's natural.

We had a little beagle-cocker mix, Lucky, (we named her that because she was lucky to be alive, but that is an other story) when we were first married. We couldn't break her of digging under the fence and getting into neighbors' trash, so we finally had to get rid of her, it was sad.

Then we were given the angel dog, Peaches Ann Cream, she was the prettiest little cocker spaniel ever. After Lance was born, he developed multiple allergies which resulted in chronic ear infections. The ear infections would get so bad that his little ear drums would burst. We gave Peaches away to a family that really wanted a dog, she lived a long and happy life, but we missed her terribly.

Several years later, and surgery to have tubes put into Lance's ears, my daughter was given a puppy by her grandmother. She was suppose to be a cockapoo, the vet said she was probably an Australian shepherd-cocker mix. Cockapoo???? She was not too bright, a little difficult to train, would piddle if someone exciting stopped by, like Meredith Flosky, and never learned to walk on a lead. Abu, so named because the movie Aladdin had just come out, was so pretty and she was the perfect dog for Brigette. She lived to the ripe old age of 15.

When Brigette moved out and took Abu with her, we went for several years without a dog. We liked not having to worry about getting someone to watch an animal if we went on trips or needing to clean up doo or even having little doggie hairs around the house. I think I was lonely, and started pondering the idea of an other dog. So we began our quest. After months of working with a breeder to find a pocket beagle, we finally picked up Oliver.

I cradled him in the car. I held him all the time. I bathed him, brushed him, fed him, cleaned up after him. I worked hard training him and when that didn't go well I spent lots of money on a trainer. I took him to the outdoor mall. I took him to the dog park. I took him to visit my family in the Carolinas.

I give him lots of treats, I bought a special bed for him, I bought three leads and several toys for him. I buy only natural food for him. I walk him on the treadmill when it is too cold to walk him outside.

I want another one!!!

I have never been like this before.

I AM a CRAZY dog lady.



Letters From Midlife said...

I've heard of crazy cat ladies but not crazy dog ladies! lol! I like puppies and kittens but I don't have the patience to train them and all that so we don't have pets. Plus our son has asthma and allergies.

By the way, I put up some warm weather pictures at my blog and thought of you!

Brig said...

I don't think it is too crazy to want another dog, right? Just because I live in a house with three dogs already doesn't me I have a problem, right?

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness! I think I am a crazy dog lady! A black labrador crazy dog lady! I love my dogs like they were my kids....and it's funny, I grew up with cats and not really knowing dogs that well until I got married, then we got Sassy, our Australian cattle dog, who lived to be almost 17...and then we got Anna our lab who is almost 5 now and Tank her brother who is 10 months...and I am smitten with those dogs! So you are not alone! They even sleep on the bed with me at night since my husband works graveyard shift...Sassy never slept on the bed, and I said Anna would never when we got her as a puppy, but somehow things changed and now both Tank and Anna sleep on Tim's side of the bed at night when he is at work! Ha, 160 lbs of total dog, I am the crazy dog lady! But I love them to pieces!