Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Picture

I was visiting my friend Cindy's blog, Letters from Midlife, and she was tagged by someone to go to the sixth folder in her picture file, pick the sixth photo, and tell the story. I loved the little story that went with the picture and decided that I will do it too. If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!

This picture is of my son-in-law David and our daughter Brigette. David married our oldest daughter Angela and they moved to Charleston, SC, for David's job. This past August they opened their home to Brigette, so she could finish her education. Brigette is attending The College of Charleston and will graduate in December with a degree in scene/light design. Anyway, Angela e-mailed a few pictures of herself, David, Brigette and our nieces while they were visiting the local beach. David and Angela fly huge kites and he was instructing Brigette on how to fly it. I love the look of joy on David's face.

Thanks Cindy, this was fun!!


Letters From Midlife said...

It is a fun tag. I enjoyed seeing the photo and hearing the story behind it.

Kim... and Her Coffee said...

Ok, this is just plain fun and I think I'll just have to join in. Great picture and story!!!

Donna's Book Nook said...

This really is a great tag. Since Gina sort of invited me, I think I'll join in. Donna

Dee said...

I am going to try the tag also. I am curious what is in my sixth folder? Your son and daughter -n- law have generous hearts. The blue sky and beach look sooooo inviting. Love the smiles1 Dee

Joyce said...

Great picture Gina...there is nothing better than a bright blue sky. My daughters are at uni in SC too. They are in love with the weather there!

I'm going to check out my
6th picture in my 6th folder.

Cheers, Joyce