Monday, February 16, 2009

TFNTS - To Funny Not To Share

With texting, IMing, blogging and what ever elseing there is out there, we have become use to seeing letters that represent certain phrases, such as BFF for Best Friends Forever or RU... for are you...whatever. I came across these one day and it made me LOL...laugh out loud!

These were just too funny not to pass along.

TBBGIIMC - This Better Be Good I'm Ignoring My Children
ISSBFMFTC - I Smell Smoke But First Must Finish This Comment
BE - Banner Envy
PWCEBB - Proceed With Caution Extremely Bitter Blogger
JHTMF - Just Here To Mooch Followers
SICS - Seizure Inducing Color Scheme
ECIZ - Extreme Crafts Intimidation Zone
UMO - Unwarranted Music Onslaught
CPA - Comment performence Anxiety
INTGTTBFFH - I've Needed To Go To The Bathroom For Four Hours

HAGDABB - Have A Great Day And Be Blessed!


beckymc said...

Those are too funny. Hope you are having a good day.

Donna's Book Nook said...

Those are almost too true to be funny. Very cute! HAGDABB!!

Dee said...

TFTLoL... (thanks for the laugh out loud) D

Joyce said...

Thanks for the smile...the first one is my fave.

Have a great day (HAGD!),

Letters From Midlife said...

those are funny! I remember when I visited my first online chat and thought no one spoke English because I didn't know what all the abbreviations meant.