Friday, February 27, 2009

Rants Again

Quite awhile ago, I wrote a post on rants, little pet peeves or annoyances that drive me crazy. I am going to do it again. I apologize about the negativity in my post, but I am really trying hard to be a gracious person in my "real" life with most people.

But here I can be real...

1) It drives me nuts when people micromanage...
2) I hate it when some people are not clear on certain things they want, then criticize or "correct" you if you don't do it right.
3) I can't stand dishonesty...even with myself.
4) I dislike deadlines that bring out the worst in people.
5) I am really getting annoyed with this winter, Big Time!!
6) It is so frustrating when someone asks me to write a letter and then "proofs it" and changes just about everything. Why didn't you write it yourself?
7) Isn't it annoying when you can only DVR one program, record while watching another and there is a third program you want to see but can do nothing about.
8) The little dust bunnies that keep popping up even after I dust and vacuum, drive me bonkers.
9) I don't like not being liked, it causes my blood pressure to rise when someone dislikes me. Why wouldn't they like me?
10) I hate, hate, HATE dirty snow!
11) Don't read someone's magazine before they do, (especially if you have to open the plastic it is wrapped in) it is just plain old rude.
12) If you don't like a program on TV then don't watch it, don't go on and on about how bad it was and then watch again just to start all over about how much you dislike it. Quit watching it!

I hate that I am so petty. I want to see the best in everyone and everything all the time. Isn't that what God would want me to see?

I am done for now with my rants. Hopefully, it will be a long, long time before I do it again.


Dee said...

Hi, I completely can relate to at least five of your rants and probably add a couple more to your list. I rant in a art journal i keep, hoprfully before i die i will have enough strength to crawl out of bed and burn it. I told my daughter not to read it- it is mostly all drawings of emotions i feel at times, a form of release. her response was- Oh mom! that would be considered out sider art and we could sell it for lots of money. :) Dee

Donna's Book Nook said...

Sometimes you just have to get it out of your system! I should make a list, even if I didn't post it, maybe it would help release some of that frustration. I can relate to a few of yours--#'s 2,3,5,8 and 12 for sure. Now you can go out and be sweet! Donna

Letters From Midlife said...

Welcome to my week! lol! I've encountered a lot of peeves lately so I can relate to your rant. My biggest one is a mom who picks up her child at my son's school. She drives up in a big new SUV and acts like she owns the parking lot. She's almost hit my car several times this week. Nate begged me to not confront her and I won't for his sake but it's taking every ounce of self control on my part.

Brig said...

I hate it when at work people get mad at me for interrupting their cell phone conversation to take their order. By all means, take that call, but please put the phone down to order, step aside to finish your call first, or simply call back's rude to everyone in the store!

Phil+ said...

Who's got time to do #12? I mean, I'd love to be have the time to watch all the shows I like, let alone ones I hate!

BTW, I hate the fake words you have to type in to blog comments to post them in order to avoid spam....

Gina said...

Thanks to each one of you for making me feel a little better, even though I am completely petty. You are all gems! : )

beckymc said...

I do not think you are petty or negative. Sometimes you just have to get it out of your system.
I can not stand the fact that some people are so lazy to leave shopping carts in the parking lot to run into cars and get in others way when trying to park. I do not understand why those who do this can not just walk a few steps to the cart return. That is one of my pet peaves.