Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Goal

I decided I needed to have a goal for Christmas. But the question is, what kind of goal?

What if I plan to get all my shopping done online this year, this way we will not have to worry about all the gas that we would use going to the malls or the strip stores, they are quite a distance from our house.

How about baking a batch of cookies everyday for the next few weeks and freezing them so I won't be frantic the last week before Christmas trying to get all the baking finished.

Or there's the Christmas cards, if I would get up earlier than normal the day after Thanksgiving, I could probably get it finished before breakfast.

And if I do my decorating the day before Thanksgiving, I wouldn't have to worry about trying to jam it in while I am addressing the envelopes for the Christmas cards the day after.

So I am stopping to think...what would be the best goal to set for Christmas?

All these things are good goals and in fact I may initiate a few, if not, all of them. But, I think my goal will be to remember the old cliche` "Jesus is the Reason for the Season". What would be the best way to remember? Give my life again to Him, love my family and friends, reach out to those who are down and out. Celebrate what He has done for me.

He is my Goal!


lookuptoday said...

Hi, I was visiting ..Letters from Midlife.. and saw your blog and thought i would drop in to say hello and to let you know i agree that this is the year to put God first and to remember (He Is )the reason for the season. We, as Christian's have a wonderful opportunity at this time of economical crisis, to reach out to the unbeliever's and to introduce them to Gods love, grace and mercy. Dee <><

angelonwheels said...

I am just a blogger paasing though, I really enjoyed your latest post, and will drop by again soon!

Letters From Midlife said...

You have such a gift for words and I always like how you take me through the obvious to the real heart of the matter. I have similar goals while at the same time am making more of an effort to not forget the reason for the holiday.

Kim @ My Journey said...

Love this post.... all of the "stuff" of Christmas will get done one way or another. And, I got over zealous with the planning of it all. But, then like you I realized, I just want Jesus. In my heart. At the center. Just Him.

A~Men... love your post!