Monday, November 17, 2008


I am in a funk, a blue funk to be exact.

Angela, our oldest, lives in Charleston, SC, right now. She left home right out of High School to go to College two and a half hours away, while there she met David. After they graduated they married. She would never come home to live again.

Brigette, our middle one, lives in Charleston, SC with her sister and brother-in-law. She left after three years of school at the local university. She moved to Minneapolis for another couple of years then came home (it was a disaster) and moved into an apartment until three months ago.

We moved down to South Carolina for a while and I was able to share Lisa and Rhonda's lives with them. (my sisters) It was wonderful.

Mom and Dad moved with us. Mom, my friend, confidant, caregiver for Lance when I needed her, my number one cheerleader, passed away while living there.

We moved back to Michigan. Dad remarried. Phil and Russ (brothers) live in CO and CA.

I miss my family, they mean everything to me. So today I am wallowing in my funk and longing for them.


beckymc said...

I know how you feel Gina. My daughter went into the army Sept 1 after graduating form high school. WHile there she met a man who lives in Salem, Oregon. Not long after they married and they got out of the army and moved to Oregon. I live in SC. I feels like the other side of the world for me some times. I try to enjoy the little momments when I get to spend time with them and my grandson...Like now.... My daughter and grandson are here for a week. I am having a wonderful time. The rest of the family is coming at the end of the week for a few days. Although I want to see them it will mean an end to my visit with I am not dwelling just enjoying.
I will pray for your longing time and hope that you get a visit soon too.

Letters From Midlife said...

I'm praying for you today Gina. It's hard when you've either lost someone or are so far away from them. My eldest daughter lives in the LA area and I miss her a lot. Our second daughter lives just a couple of hours away but is so busy and has such a crazy schedule that I don't get to see or talk to her much.

The holidays can be the worse when you miss family.

Gina said...

Thank you both for your prayers, they are much needed. I only allow myself to get down once in a great while because I know what it can do to me. I will pick myself up by the bootstraps and get on with my day. You are blessings.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I am reading a lot of posts today about moms especially missing their kids. I have two college students and one still at home in high school. I'm sorry about your losses, too. Praying you'll let yourself feel the feelings you're entitled to, and then look up to our source of Joy. May He be the glory and the lifter of your head, as the verse goes.

pebbledash said...

Hello Gina, I'm sorry you're missing your family. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my post about my Mum. I'm so sorry yours is no longer with you. I hope your happy memories sustain you.
Warm wishes,
Diana xx