Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oliver, Chapter 2 or is 3 or 4?

Oliver, Oliver, Oliver. He is our 7 month old puppy. I think he is the most adorable puppy ever created. I know he is the most frustrating puppy ever created.

He was house trained to go outside, he was trained to stay on the mainfloor of our house. He was nuetered one month ago.

EVERYTHING went out the window.

It turned cold and when he goes outdoors he stands at the door and shivers. It doesn't matter how long I leave him out (not longer than 5 minutes!) he will come in and promptly use the rug or floor as his pee pad. The dinning room rug is where he does his number.

He decided he would rather be upstairs than down and no matter what I do he still sneaks up the stairs and goes into Lance's room to mark it and steal his things.

The problem is I can't look in those eyes and not love him to pieces.
Help!!! I need advice to retrain. Do you have any ideas?


Phil+ said...

Give it up, you've moved to Grandmother mode....

Gina said...

Yes, that is true and that is why I can't wait to get my hands on your two!