Sunday, November 30, 2008


I grew up in the Catholic faith. My sister and I went to parochial school, so needless to say, we have a huge history of Catholic traditions. About 30 years ago, I came to develop a relationship with Christ and started to attend a non-denominational church. I loved learning about Jesus in a more personal way and found freedom in the way this church worshipped.

But as time went on, I began to miss and crave my more traditional roots.

I find that as I grow older, I need to dive into the reverence of particular Holy days. During lent I want to focus on the Death of Christ and have actually gone back to the Catholic Church for the Stations of the Cross as well as communal confessions. And now that Advent is here, my family and I are going to focus on Advent as our preparation for Christmas.

I will never forget the salvation that Christ has brought to me and my family and I will relish the freedom of worshipping with my whole heart and soul, as well as participating in worship and not just being a spectator. But, I will also not forget the reverence, traditions and lessons I learned as a child.


Phil+ said...

This put a smile on my face!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Hi, Gina! Thanks for visiting my blog over the Thanksgiving holiday. Only now getting back to my blogging community. I love the traditions of the church. So much of our worship these days concentrates on the "progressive", less traditional side of doing church. In doing so, we can lose some of the tradition and the reverence associated with the Sabbath and keeping it holy. I'm a lover of both styles of worship but find my roots in tradition the anchor that keeps me focused on the holy and sacred aspects of my faith.

God bless you and your family as you pilgrim to the manger this year! Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.