Thursday, March 12, 2009

Awww Detroit

Living in the Detroit area the last few years has been an adventure. This post could take me in many different directions, but I am going to concentrate on the way our area is defeating it's self.

It is true that many, many cities throughout the Nation are struggling, especially those who rely on manufacturing for it's survival. But I think Detroit is one of the worst at the moment. We now have an unemployment rate of 13 percent. Everyone everywhere knows someone who is laid off or ready to be laid off. Kevin is not getting forty hours a week and hasn't been for quite a long time.

We recently went through the whole Kwame Kilpatrick, the former Mayor of Detroit, scandal. Sex, lies, corruption and even a possible murder. The City Council has been involved in a lot of this... Just a side note; many, many people have been praying that the corruption would be has!

All of this, the unemployment, scandal and so much more, has had a negative impact on the whole area, not only Detroit proper, but the suburbs as well.

Because of the sinking auto industry and the depression that is taking place here, Jay Leno, a huge car buff, has offered to do a free comedy show for those who are unemployed. With his help, the Palace of Auburn Hills, the arena where the Pistons play basketball, have offered to put on this show free of charge along with some other local companies who have offered to bring in refreshments. Well, you can image the excitement over this! Someone is noticing what is going on and offering to help in a small way.

So here we go...the Detroit City Council has started whining, "If this is for Detroit, why isn't Jay Leno performing in Detroit?" The Palace is a part of the Detroit area (about 30 minutes north), the Pistons play there, many other people perform there because the venue will hold a huge amount of people. Also, the Palace has offered the place free of charge!!! Not one of the other venues in Detroit has offered to host this event!!!!

We have been hosting the International Auto Show forever. Because of the shape of Cobo Hall, the IAS have threatened to move the show to another city. Again, the law makers in the city of Detroit, have not wanted to relinquish control of Cobo to an independent company so the repairs can be made and we can continue to host this huge event.

It just saddens me to see that because of power, the morale and well being of an entire area will just be thrown away.

We watch as, police and firefighters are laid off, State, City and County workers are let go, many, many businesses are closed, while the powers that be, argue over the ridiculous.

Awww are something else.


Brig said...

It's hard to imagine the idiocy of people sometimes. instead of saying "thank you" they whine like little children...although, you get what you vote for, and the voters in the city proper are not well-educated or well-informed.

Letters From Midlife said...

I've concluded that most of the leaders both nationally and in state and local venues have simply thrown all common sense out the door. I've never been so frustrated or felt so powerless with the immaturity and selfishness I've witnessed in our leaders.

Letters From Midlife said...

Oh, I meant to say thank you for putting Dear Friend Paperie on your favorite places list! I just noticed that today. :)

Gina said...

My pleasure Cindy, your work is beautiful!!!

Donna's Book Nook said...

I cannot believe that your city leaders are being so ridicuous. So, are you saying the whole Jay Leno thing is off because of the whining city council? That is so sad!!

Gina said...

No, and actually Jay Leno added an additional free night. He is a big supporter and even though I am not a huge Leno fan, I am happy he is thinking about the Detroit people.