Monday, March 30, 2009

Hanging On

Like other bloggers lately, I have found that I haven't had much to write about. I have never deluded myself about being a good writer, in fact, I am very aware of my inability to write. Which is sad, because I have many good writers in my family. My daughters, my sister and brother all write extremely well. (Some even published.) Never the less, I have been journaling via this blog.

I have been wondering about my lack of items or thoughts to write about.

Could it be that I have such a boring life that I ran out of ideas? This may be it. Because of the economy, I have stopped driving. That means that I don't leave the house except for twice a week and those times are for my prayer time with friends on Wednesday mornings. Right after prayer, on my way home, I stop at the grocery store to do my shopping. The other day is Sunday, our church day. Once in a while, Kevin and I will go out on a Friday evening. This night out is usually to Barnes and Noble where we will get a coffee and browse the books. That's it, my time away from home and my lack of motivation. BUT...I am going to start a computer class tomorrow night (very close to home) and this means I will get one more night out. Wahoo!!!

Am I in a blue funk? This could very well be the answer. If you have followed my blog at all, you have read about the few rough years I have had recently. I miss my family, especially my girls who live down south. I have had some physical problems which has caused me to isolate myself from people. My son has had some major health issues which resulted in having to have tests, doctors visits, therapies, etc... I have felt sorry for myself. So there you have it.

Is it the long, long winter? I will be honest and tell you that it has affected me in a big way. I love sunshine. I think that is why I did so well down south. The sun shines much more often down there than it does here in the Great Lakes area. I need sunshine!! Even though I have never been officially diagnosed, I think I suffer from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. The good news is, Spring is not too far away (the season not the date) and I love Spring and Summer. During this time of year, I am out fiddling in my small garden, I sit and read on the balcony or front porch, Oliver and I walk everyday (sometimes twice a day) and we bike ride to the beach two to three times a week. I love the warm, sunny weather!!

So, I am hanging on. I have a busy summer planned with the Family Retreat, my two week visit to the Carolinas and having my niece spend a few weeks with me. That will be followed by my sister and other niece coming to visit us here up north.

In the meantime, I am praying for blogging ideas and hoping to get out of my blue funk and start cleaning and fixing up my home once again. I am also praying that I will continue to trust God with my life. He knows what He is doing, even when I don't.


Brig said...

I suffer from MMM syndrome...missing my mom! Can't wait until June!

Dee said...

Hi Gina, It was such a nice surprise to find you as a follower. I consider all my followers as friends.:-) Thank you for your kind remarks and well wishes as i recover. I am still not feeling up to par. I have a doctor apt. on Wed.and may need more medication. I can 100% relate to your todays post. I live in a tiny world at the present time and am not sure how i got here. But - here- i be! As i look around my tiny world i also struggle with what to post.But then it is said good things come in small packages so i guess i can only dig inward and share this tiny world the Lord has placed me in. I think you are an excellent writer and fully enjoy your blog. I think it is fun thinking of blogs to write, it keeps my eyes open to the world around me.I battle similar lack of sun conditions as you do.I believe living in Michigan with the lack of sunny days impacks us more than we know. Then add the world stresses and it is a cocktail for depression. Mercy-i did not intend to be so gabby.Keep blogging what comes your way in thought or deed, big or small. I like seeing your home decor and reading what you have to say. Dee

Kelly said...

Gina, I can so relate to your post today...I am in the same boat, where I am waiting for some sunshine and warm weather and spring...this month of March has been so cold and soggy and wet here in Tacoma, WA and everyone is getting just plain weary of it. I don't go out either much when I get home from work during the week. I am stumped too for ideas about writing in my blog. So don't feel alone, because believe me, you are not! I enjoy your blog and I will pray for you that we both get some sunshine and energy and out of the blues pretty soon!

Letters From Midlife said...

I'm so happy you have some visits with family coming up. I know that will go a long way in lifting you out of the winter blues.

Joyce said...

I like reading your blog Gina. I think your heart comes through in your posts.

I think March is the worst month of the year in some February you aren't expecting nice weather but in March you get a taste of it and it's almost worse when it turns cold and gray again.

I can totally relate to your need for the sun. And to missing your girls. Spring and summer are just around the corner and I'm glad you have lots to look forward to.

Life with Linda said...

Everyone of us who lives in Michigan has SAD..and then we get YES (Yahoo everywhere spring)followed by WISH (WHY Izzit SO HOT)then we are ABA Awed By Autumn which michiganders love the most...because we know that soon...we'll be sad again.
If you want to take a walk sometime... call me

Gina said...

Linda, you make me laugh!!!

Donna's Book Nook said...

I can relate to wanting the Spring and sunshine to come and stay. I hadn't blogged for a couple weeks myself. I didn't feel I had anything to share.

Let me say, your positive attitude comes through in your blog, in spite of the long winter and the other challenges you have. I love reading your blog, as it lifts my spirits.

Have a great day! Donna

Joyce said...

Thanks for your kind comments about my daughter...yours are a long way from home too so I know you understand that helpless feeling. She spent a whole day crying I think but seemed better when I spoke to her last night.

Your daughter sounds like she was very fortunate to have things turn out as they did.

I remind myself (and my girls) that God truly does hold them in the palm of His hand.

Have a great day!

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

I wouldn't stress to much about not having a whole lot to write about at the moment. We all go through lulls like that. Ride it out and you'll find inspiration again.

I also feel your pain with the winter blues. I live further south now, but I'm originally from Utah where we would occasionally get snow in MAY. I definitely wears on you after a while. Be kind to yourself - do some things that feed your soul, and you'll be ok.


grey like snuffie said...

Hi Gina...I don't think I have ever peeked into your world, but who knows I barely remember 5 minutes ago. I don't even remember how I found you.
It's interesting...recently I've been seeing the same trend with other bloggers...things have slowed down. But YEAH!!!!!,it sounds like you have a wonderful summer to look forward to.
I know NOTHING of your life yet our Father knows more intimately than even you what you need so today I pray that the His Spirit would blow from the four corners and awaken your soul to His presence and joy. Praying also as you call out to Him that He will tell you great and mighty things that will encourage you and help along the way. I think I will go back and do some more reading here on your site. Have a grand day! pam