Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

As I watched my DVR'ed program this morning, I started thinking that there are certain things I wickedly enjoy. Yes, I am admitting to some guilty pleasures, please don't judge.

I really, really enjoy "Pushing Daisies", this program makes me laugh out loud even when I am alone. (Which is the only time I watch it, because Brigette isn't close by to watch it with me and Kevin doesn't care for it)

I sneak a Snicker's bar every so often when stressed (thanks Tina).

Janet Evanovich novels (thanks Lisa and Mom).

Watching reality TV (Biggest Loser, Survivor, Jon & Kate plus 8 and Little People, Big World, which I also DVR because Kevin doesn't enjoy them).

I absolutely love watching a fight break out on the ice while the Red Wings are playing. (Kevin does watch the Wings with me and probably enjoys the fights even more than I do).

A grande peppermint mocha latte with whip, thank you.

Looking in people's windows at night when their shades are up (only because I want to see how they decorate their house).

Organizing my pantry so all the labels are facing forward and the cans and jars lined up exactly (my whole family thinks that this is a bit of OCD, okay, a lot of OCD, so I try not to do this too often!).

Singing or humming to myself in public (it's amazing how many looks I get, so I don't do this too often either).

And last but not least, chips with french onion dip.

There I confessed, so now you know. What are your guilty pleasures?


Letters From Midlife said...

Oh, Gina, we are soooo much alike I'm starting to wonder if we are sisters separated at birth! Reading your list was like reading my own (I'm also a reality t.v. junkie). I can add to the list James Bond movies (Sean Connery was the best Bond). It would be fun to someday own the entire Bond DVD collection.

I also admit that while it was running late night on a local t.v. channel, I liked watching reruns of the Sex and the City series. Now mind you, these were the toned-down for t.v. versions, not the original HBO series so I hope no one judges me on this! lol! It's not something I'd admit to anyone at church....

Another guilty pleasure is that I love kettle cooked cracked black pepper potato chips and could easily eat a whole bag full by myself.

Gina said...

Oh Cindy, you are hysterical!! I loved Sean Connery as James Bond, but then again, I love Sean Connery as just about anything. :) Now, I have to admit that I have not seen Sex in the City at all, but have had a morbid curiosity about it.

Letters From Midlife said...

Even your quotes of the day are some I have in my "quote" journal. My favorite Winnie the Pooh quote is "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you."

I love Anne of Green Gables too.

Seriously, except for the thing with the pantry cans, your list could easily be mine! lol The best I do with my pantry is to try to have similar things grouped together so I don't grab corn instead of peaches, etc.