Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank You Sarah

I, like millions of others, watched the Vice Presidential debate last night and I have to say I was riveted to the TV. Of course most of us were watching to see how Sarah Palin would handle herself and if she would be the same Sarah we saw at the GOP convention...HURRAH...she was!

I love the fact that Sarah came across as a feisty, home grown, hockey mom who has the same concerns for her family as I do for mine. She was witty, funny, firm and confident. She admitted to the fact that she had only been doing this VP thing for five weeks which gave her a vulnerability that I can appreciate. It was obvious that she worked and studied hard. She also mentioned that there were a few issues that she and McCain didn't agree on, that made her real. But I think the most important thing that came across were her values, they are values that I can relate to.

Thank you Sarah for giving me hope again. I still hate politics (see previous post) but now I feel I can vote. Whether or not McCain/Palin are voted in is up to God, but in the meantime I will will be praying, hoping, watching and believing for what I feel is the best for America.

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