Friday, October 31, 2008

Scaredy Cat

I decided I needed to get Oliver some exercise, so I took him to a dog park. Now, I need exercise too, but I thought he would enjoy running with other dogs more than walking with me. When we walked through the gates, he took one look around and tried to climb up my leg. I walked him further in and he literally hid between my legs. When ever I moved, he was right there moving with me. Other dogs came over to visit, he couldn't get any lower to the ground. His poor little tail was curled up under his belly. I moved across the park to a bench where it was empty and he hid under the bench.

He is so friendly with people and little dogs, but when it comes to bigger dogs, well lets just say, he is a scaredy cat.

I will take him again soon.


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Letters From Midlife said...

That's so cute. Thanks for bringing a smile to my day.