Friday, October 10, 2008

Johnny Depp and Other Fun People

While talking with Brigette this morning, she informed me that Johnny Depp was staying at the hotel where she worked. Of course she hasn't seen him and probably will not get to because he is pretty well secluded and protected.

This brought on the conversation of all the famous people she and Angela have had the opportunity to meet. Brigette worked at a theater while in college and she met many celebs. Now I have to clarify that these celebrities are B rated and (sorry, her term, not mine) old. They include...

Susan Summers
Tim Conway and Harvey Korman (she loved these guys!!)
Victor Borge
The Beach Boys
Frankie Avalon
Tom Jones
Rip Taylor
The Oakridge Boys (her favorite people to work with)
Don Rickles
Bobby Vinton
Frank Sinatra Jr.
John Tesh
As well as others...

She also got to meet...
Nocole Nordeman
Twila Paris (one of the most gracious, kind and genuine people she has ever met)
Clay Cross

Now Angela has met lots of people as well, but she tends to keep it under wraps except for the chance meeting of Tom Hanks. He thought she was a sales person in a store she was visiting and anyway, he was embarrassed, blah, blah, blah.

The funny thing is, Lance thinks his sisters are best friends with all these people and it makes us laugh it also makes the girls feel important. Like the time Lance told Angela to tell Tom he said hi.

It made me think, what would our society look like if we study the Bible like we study the tabloids? Would we be as intrigued with others who know Christ? Would I get excited over my friend having a relationship with Him? Or on the flip side am I embarrassed that Angela got to meet Tom? Just some thoughts to ponder...

And in the mean time, tell Jesus I said hi.

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