Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beatles Surprise

Well it finally came, the big surprise for Lance. Lance is a HUGE Beatles fan and before Christmas, Kevin bought tickets for the 1964 The Tribute, a Beatles tribute band. The Rolling Stones Magazine said and I quote "Number One Beatles Tribute Show on Earth". Oh, by the way, I do not read the Rolling Stones Magazine. When Lance found out we were going, he started to grin, my favorite grin, the one I hardly ever get to see. The grin that starts slow and then spreads across his face to light it up. That grin!!!

Besides the dreaded hiccups (this is a medical issue and Lance can get them for a week or two at a time, several times a month) Lance didn't say a word, and for those of you who know our Lance, that is saying something.

He swayed to the music and tapped his toe. He even kept rhythm with Ringo, tapping on his knee. There was one particular song that the entire audience got up and danced, twisted would be the better term, Twist and Shout. Even Lance twisted a bit, again a real surprise to us, because Lance does not do this.

So the evening was a HUGE success! The pictures are lousy, but the lighting was terrible and the camera, sigh, well at least I had a camera.
A fun evening!!


Joyce said...

We saw this show a few years ago and I thought they were great. My hubs is a huge Beatles fan too. So glad your son was able to go and you all had a fun evening. Have a great weekend!

Letters From Midlife said...

How fun. I love the photo of Lance's smile.

beckymc said...

How nice for you and for Lance to have some fun for a change. It is fun times like these that make the everyday stuff ok.

Dee said...

Hi Gina, Just stopping by to wish you a Sunday full of blessings and to thank you for the nice compliments. When i started my blog i never expected to find friends. My friends are what keeps me blogging. Everyone is so creative in their writings and encouraging to each other. I love that the Lord is first in their lives and that they do not hesitate to pray for each other. I am glad you are a friend. (:0) Dee

Brenda said...

Sounds like such fun! Something we would love to see as well. We went to a "Beatles" concert at Ravinia last summer and yes, I cannot dance and even I tried to "Twist and Shout". It is contagious. We are sad that they won't be back to Ravinia this summer.

BTW, I would love to adopt you. :-)