Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Simple Joy

I love looking at life through the eyes of children. Mine kids are much older, but I have the unique view of looking at life through my child like son. For those of you who don't know, my son, who is 23, is disabled and our joy. We have many challenges that we face day to day and life can be very hard at times. But one of the fun things we have learned to appreciate about Lance, is his unbelievable enthusiasm for movies and music.

For Lance, his life revolves around movies and music. Every day he comes home looking for the next movie from Netflix, a gift from his sister and brother-in-law for Christmas. "Did it come mom?" he asks as he is walking in the door. If it has, he races upstairs to his room and turns it on. He studies the movies, who's in them, what other movies did they play in. Who wrote the music and what artist is singing the song. Then after he has watched that particular movie three times, he will turn on his music. I think he has almost all the Beatles albums. He loves Elvis, Elton John and Phil Collins. We hear the songs played until we are sick of them, but he is happily tapping out the beat to music with a smile on his face, it doesn't matter that he has heard the song 2783 times. Simple joy.

I make life too complicated. I worry about what is happening in the world today (and there is so much happening). I think about what needs to be done around the house. I fret about the finances and the weather and if I can make dinner stretch for an extra night. I worry about what others think of me.

I want my life to have simple joy. Joy and contentment. Not to worry about all that is going on around me. Having an expectation and yes, even the excitement of doing something for the 1647th time.

Maybe I need to tap out the beat to my favorite song or take the time to read the credits, just because.


Letters From Midlife said...

I don't have that child-like view of the world either. I wish I did. Kids don't worry, for the most part. They find fun in everything. We certainly can learn from Lance and others.

Dee said...

Just a touch of the joy Lance experiences with his movies and music would be a gift. Thank you for sharing. He sure is handsome. Dee

Donna's Book Nook said...

I think we all make life too complicated. I often say to my husband, who tends to worry and fret about everything, that we need to "stop and smell the roses". Life's too short not to enjoy it. Thank you for sharing a little about Lance.

Blessings on you! Donna

Donna Cooper said...

I really needed to read this. I'm stressing over a mistake I made in my checking account that I found out this AM. First time in years I had NSF charged to my account. I just want to kick myself. But in the whole scope of things, it really isn't that big of a deal. I think I need to put on some music and tap my toe!

Kate said...

that was a wonderful post Gina, and something I needed to read myself today.